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Research evidence suggests that negative self-image is associated with various psychological problems such as psychiatric disturbance (Offer et al.. 2000).g. depression (e. 2001). low self-esteem (Petersen et al. and behavior problems in school (Hay. 1998.INTRODUCTION   Description of the self in psychology is well acknowledged. 1998). which has become an important factor in the personality development. Alfeld-Liro and Sigelman. Korhonen et al.  .... The self concept. 1984). There is also evidence that adolescents' self-image predicts mental health in adulthood (Offer et al.. 1981).

Persons with an external locus of control view events as being under the control of external factors. Individuals with an internal locus of control view events as resulting from their own actions.skills. .1990b) The locus of control is defined as an individual’s believes towards his experiences and behaviours. such as luck.beliefs and that they gains consciously(Rotter.aims. .INTRODUCTION     These knowing factors are a union of a self understanding who and whathe/she is.

as well as the range of human behavior that is.( www. today on in the future  .2007) Philosophy of Human Nature asks the questions "Who are we?" and "What does it mean to be a human being?" Ethics deals with the goals of human life .edu/admissions/undergraduate+admissions/Philosophy.gonzaga.asp . believed to be invariant over long periods of time and across very different cultural contexts.(wiki pedia.INTRODUCTION   Human nature is the fundamental nature and substance of humans.22k ) It is thought that these characteristics will be the basis for the behaviors of an individual. who forms his personality at his training process .

the longest residence lived and these scale score’s correlations .The aim of this research  is to define notions about human nature. teaching programme.self image and -locus of control of school counsellor and teacher candidates attending to Education faculty of Dokuz Eylül University and to define the different points of view measured by scales considering their sex.

A. . The group includes 156 girls(women) and 44 boys(men) and their average age is between 22-24. METHODOLOGY     Sample The sample of research includes 200 school counsellor and teacher candidates. Dokuz Eylül University and 140 teacher candidates(under graduated -fourth year at the department of the elementary school teacher and some of them are doing their M. The study involved 60 school counsellors PCG(Psychological Counselling and Guidance) third and fourth-year at the Faculty of Education.studying either on social science studies. studies at the same university.

D. K. Revised. Ostrov..I. Negative items were reversed for scoring. a score of 3 represented a fair body image.1966. The Cronbach alpha reported for the original scale was . Scores for each item ranged from 1-5. The Cronbach alpha reported for the original scale was .Phrase at all. where a score of 1 represented a good body image.73.84. 1972).1974) Lıkert type scale The item score ranged from -3 to +3 .. Howard.INSTRUMENTS    In this research: 1) Offer ’s Self-Image Questionnaire(QSIO). Negative items were reversed for scoring. 1992). 2) Philosophy of human nature scale(PHN)(Wrightsman. & Dolan. “t” test and correlation are used       . (Offer. so that lower scores are interpreted as being negative (low-self concept) and higher scores are interpreted as being positive (high self-concept). and a score of 5 represented a poor bady image. E.1972. 4)Personal questionnaires are used For the analysis of the one way analysis of negative and positive Score must be -42 and+42(en fazla) 3) The Internal versus external locus of control scale (I-E)( Rotter.

6 sd=18.8 p< .FINDINGS     1.0 p <.0.The examination of the notions in QSIO sub scales of school counsellor and teacher candidates according to their sex. a)When the means of body self image scale was examined.0 sd=16. in the impulse control sub-dimensions of QSIO scale. the girls have higher points than boys (x=54 sd=17.3 sd=16. it’s seen that boys have higher means than girls (x=48. x= 52.2. x= 46.05)  .001) However.

x= -0. x=7. x= 46.0 p< .00 sd=10.01 ). x=-2.92 sd=9.0 p <.53 sd=9. x=1. in the reliability and helper sub-dimensions of PHN scale.25 sd= 8.12 sd= 9.68.10 .80 .001)in rationality(x=11.42 p<. x= 8.001 ) and changebility(x=12.20 . it’s seen that boys have higher means than girls (x=-9.10 p <.  The girls have higher points than boys (x=54 sd=17.8 p< .80 sd=10.92 sd=8.01.6 sd=18.20.30 sd=8. x= -7.70 sd=9.05 )  .40 sd= 10.complexity( x=4.80 p <0.001 ).b) When the means of PHN sub scale was examined.2.

.2.40. social relationship(x=439.6.0 p <. The examination of the notions in PHN and QSIO sub scales of school counsellor and teacher candidates according to their training programme. x=50.0 sd=16.7 sd=19.8 p <.4 sd=16. x=48.0 p <0.9 sd=18.    a)When the means of PHN sub scales are examined prospective school counsellors have higher points than prospective teachers in rationality(x=2.01 (Table 4) b)When the mean values of QSIO scale are examined body image(x=43. x=47.07 p <0.001) sub-dimensions and total self image scores(x=42.02).1 sd=16.8 sd=19.90 sd=9.2. x=11.7.001) have given meaningful differences When the means of points are examined according to these differences it is noticed that school counsellors canditate group has the highest points than teachers.00 sd=10.

town x= 48. 4.30.0 and village x= 50.The examination of the notions in PHN and QSIO of school counsellor and teacher candidates according to their longest residence lived  a)When the mean values of groups are examined the students living in big cities have the highest mean points in QSIO scale (metropol x=52. b)When the same group is examined according to PHN scales’ subdimensions they have no differences  .38.1). big city x= 48.

The relations between impulse control.The correlation analysis between the scale of PHN and the scale of QSIO. it can be said there is meaningful relation between PHN and QSIO of the individuals. between self family and independency are negative  According to this case. social relationship-rationality and reliability subdimensions are positive.  The meaningful relations were defined between PHN mean points and QSIO mean points in most sub dimensions.   .

19 0.08       .20** 0.18 -0.20** 0. Correlation of between the QSIO and PHN Sub scales scores Prospective       Prospective Teachers 0.19** 0.23** 0.24** 0.07 0.15 0.16 0.02 0.09 0.1.25** 0.22** 0.05 İmpuls control Emotional ton Body image Social relationship Self family Self image Rationality Helper Total PHN Rationality Complexity Changeable School counsellors 0.19** 0.16 0.25** 0.20** 0.Table.05 0.15 0.18 0.17 -0.

38(p<. and also there is significant relationship between locus of control and self control.tailed) correlation I-E scale with QSIO was .It seems that these candidates have internal control. This resultis supported wood and friend’s research(1996).01). It may be said that he candiates who have the high self concept scale(positive).The correlation analysis between the scale of QSIO and the scale of I-E    The pearson (two.their locus of control scores are low(internal control) .

CONCLUSİON       School counsellors and teachers should know him/herself and the other persons –be averessness about him/hers beliefs and emotions .in:Agne.1989.1994) And remember that: Teacher belief can make or break the learning process School counsellors and teachers are role model of students . Teacher belief system and attitudes effects of these beliefs on students and on the quality of school life (Lunenburg&schmidt.

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