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Copyright and Piracy from Moral and Legal Standpoints

Name : Ahmad Ikhwan Bin Yusri Anuar IC No. : 960809-07-5487 Class : 4 STT Teacher : Pn. Salwa Hanim

Contents         What Is Copyright? What Is Piracy? The Problem With Piracy Motives In Engaging In Copyright Infringement How To Prevent Piracy Moral Issues Conclusion References .

What is Copyright?  Copyright is a form of legal protection that grants people who create and produce material the exclusive rights to control certain uses of that material from being reproduced without the permission of the copyright owner. .

or a collection of a specific genre. such as dance tracks. The packaging of pirate copies is different from the original. . such as the “greatest hits” of a specific artist. Pirate copies are often compilations.What is Piracy?  Piracy is the unauthorized duplication of an original recording for commercial gain without the consent of the rights owner.

recording and fixation of broadcast or recorded programmes have emerged. Piracy is an illegal and criminal activity.The Problem with Piracy  The problem of piracy has arisen with the rapid advance of technology. making it easy for the pirates to carry on their illegal activities. New techniques of printing. .

usage on devices of different vendors.Motives In Engaging In Copyright Infrigement Pricing – unwillingness or inability to pay the price requested by the legitimate sellers  Usefulness – the legitimate product comes with various means (DRM. which are removed in the pirated product making it more desirable for the end-user  . Blu-ray region code) of restricting legitimate use (backups. region lock. offline usage) or comes with annoying non-skipable advertisements and antipiracy disclaimers. DVD region code.

How To Prevent Piracy  These are some ways to prevent piracy:  Serial keys  Open Source  Hardware Key  Anti-Piracy Software .

Moral Issues  Piracy can be used to:  Sabotage companies or other peoples work  Make profit illegally  Get a competitive edge over the person’s business rivals. .

There are many acts that are in use to overcome this problem. We should ask their permission if we wish to us some of their work. Copyrighting other people’s work can bring many negative effects to us. It would be better if we avoid comitting this kind of actions.Conclusion  Copyright is the exclusive rights that is given to the owner to duplicate. publish and sell their materials. . .References      ent http://smklangkawi.howtodothings.