Cancer Prevention

Hematology-Oncology Division Child Health Departement University of Sumatera Utara

Example: smoking cessation.Primary prevention Health promotion and risk reduction in the general population so that invasive cancer does not develop. diet and lifestyle modification and micronutrient supplementation .

Screening : mammography.Secondary prevention Identification and treatment of asymptomatic persons who already have developed premalignant or early malignant disease. flexible sigmoidoscopy . Pap smears.

oral cavity and esophagus.larynx. uterine cersvix. Evidence 30-50 % increased risk for lung cancer . bladder.kidney. Nearly 90% of lung cancer cigarette smoking Environmental tobacco smoke(passive smoking) significant cause lung cancer in nonsmokers. Smoking : major cause of cancer of the lung..pancreas.Primary Cancer prevention: 1.

micronutrients such carotenoid.cauliflower.2. General Dietary • Fruits and vegetables contain anticancer effects. alcohol .brussels sprouts • High fiber : reduced risk colorectal cancer • Limit consumption of red meats. phenol. indoles • Cruciferous vegetables: broccoli.isothyocyanates .

prostate cancer significantly decrease • Combination beta-carotene.colorectal.3.Mineral • Selenium : incidence lung. Selenium : reduced stomach ca . vitamin E.

Sunlight exposure (UV radiation) White population: skin cancer .4.Physical activity Protective breast and colorectal cancer 5.

HD.18: Cervical Ca • Human lymphotropic virus type I(HTLV I) :Adult T-cell lumphoma/Leukemia . gastric lymphoma • Hepatitis B/C : HCC • Epstein Barr virus:Burkitt’s lumphoma.Infectious agents • Helicobacter pylori : gastric Ca .6.NPC • Human herpes virus B: Kaposi sarcoma • Human Papillomaviruses 16.

NSAD Sulidac : colorectal adenoma .Chemoprevention  Use of synthetic . suppress or lower the rate of carcinogenesis Exp. chemical or natural agents to reverse.Tamoxipen. fami lial adenomatous polyposis coli 2.7. Raloxifene: reduce breast ca .: 1.

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