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Unfolding the true elements of people & organizations

EDGE and Learning Process Outsourcing approach presentation to


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Promed is poised for growth in the next 3-5 years as it makes a transition to being a big player on the international stage In doing so it needs robust talent engagement and development processes to gear up for high growth Promed is looking for a partner who can help in setting and managing the people development processes

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Implement & institutionalize the EDGE process for high
potential talent across the organization Plan and Implement Learning Journeys for people across the organization

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Outline Approach - EDGE

build energy and participation across the organization through Focus Group Discussions, Career Fair Conduct w/s across the organization on how to use the EDGE framework.

Counseling training in a learn + do format for the Senior Management Finalize IDPs Periodic IDP reviews to check ,refine , redefine goals, progress Milestone progress reviews by Senior Mgmt Succession plan progress review workshop

Assess impact against evaluation plan decided at the start of the intervention Take corrective action wherever necessary

Identify gaps Refine solutions and align them to other linked processes Transfer ownership to people identified as champions within each function/department Identify Champions in each function/Department Train Champions to take this through

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Outline Approach L&D

Learning and Development

Training Needs Analysis of all employees syncing inputs from Business Strategy, EDGE and PMS Drawing up the Training Plan for all employees Designing & Developing the Soft Skills, Management and Leadership training Drafting learning and development policies/SOP Implementing and Assessing impact of Learning interventions

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Success Measures

Career Plan for all employees eligible under EDGE Implementation of the Career Plan for eligible employees Training Plan implementation for employees (levels to be decided) Vendor management for technical training is not part of the scope

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Processes (Control, Escalation, Reviews)

Monthly status reviews Escalations to be handled between Internal HR and Vyaktitva

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Dependencies and Assumptions

Assuming 10% employee headcount over the current levels (approx)

HO employee number = 70 PRC employees = 80 Plant employees = 190

Functional/Technical Training would not be handled by Vyaktitva A long term engagement of 2-3 years to fully unlock the potential of these initiatives.
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