Marketing Plan

By- Sandeep Mishra, IBS Mumbai

Nokia India

• Nokia a Finland based company entered India in 1995. • India is Third Largest Telecommunication Market in the world. • India ranks third globally after China and U.S. in terms of the largest telecommunication market. • Today “Nokia” is market leader in mobile headset with 35% market share in India. • It has around 200 models of handset in the market of India.

Nokia Vision
“Connecting People” Nokia Mission “Our strategic intent is to build great mobile products our job is to enable billions of people everywhere to get connected.”

Situational Analysis
Nokia’s Current Market Picture. • 500 million mobile subscribers in India. • Nokia‟s market share and competitors in India in 2011:


• Nokia’s strong distribution in India: In India, Nokia has 2 lakh retail outlets and 700 support centers across 400 cities and towns. • Nokia’s competitors in India: Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Spice, MacroMaxx, Karbonn, Lava, Lemon, Blackberry. • Nokia’s ‘Made for India’ phones In 2000, Nokia introduced the Nokia 3210 with a Hindi menu. In 2003, Nokia launched the Nokia 1100, a first Made for India phone. • India’s Most Trusted Brand: Nokia ranked as India‟s top 3 trusted brand in the The Economic Times-Brand Equity‟s annual „Most Trusted Brands‟ survey for 2012. • Nokia’s biggest advertising/marketing campaign in India: In December 2011, Nokia launched its biggest ever campaign in India called the „The Amazing Everyday‟. • In February 2011, Nokia entered into an alliance with Microsoft. Nokia began using the Windows operating system on its smartphone range called Lumia.

SWOT Analysis of the Company: Nokia
Strengths: • Nokia has largest network of distribution and selling as compared to other mobile phone company in the world. • It is backed with the high quality and professional team in the HRD Dept. • The product being user friendly and have all the accessories one want that is why is in great demand making it No-1 selling mobile phones in the world. • Wide range of products for all class. The re-sell value of Nokia phones are high compared to other company’s product. • Market leader in Mobile Handset Market. • Large number of service centre and retail chain. • Largest manufacturing unit at Chennai.

Weakness • Some of the weakness includes the price of the product offered by the company. • Some of the products are not user friendly. • Not concern about the lower class of the society people. Not targeting promotion toward them. Opportunity • Nokia has ample of opportunity to expand its business. With the wide range of new products in india. • Indian Rural market is about 58%. • New Smartphones with new features than others. Threat • Smartphone market competitors are increasing market share. • Competitors in other non- Smartphone product. • New entrants in industry .

Marketing Strategies
• Nokia will continue to be a growth company, and will expand to new markets and businesses. • The brand goal is for Nokia to become the brand most loved by our customers. • Nokia’s business portfolio strategy focuses on five areas, with each having long-term objectives:- Create winning devices - Embrace consumer Internet service - Deliver enterprise solutions - Build scale in networks - Expand professional services

• There are three strategic assets that Nokia will invest in and prioritize:- (a) Brand and design (b)- Customer engagement and fulfillment- Technology (c) architecture.

BCG Matrix Nokia


Nokia’s focus Strategy - Nokia believes that focus played a key role in the company's growth in India. - Nokia is mainly focused on selling of mobile phones since 1997. Nokia’s Distribution Job. • Nokia started distributing its phones through a partnership with HCL . • Nokia had decided to supplement that with its own distribution efforts. • Nokia had made it possible for rural customers too. Nokia focuses brand strategy on retail stores • Nokia is positioning its retail stores as the lead communications channel in its branding strategy as it looks to make the shopping experience more “theatrical”. 7/23/2013 •

• STP Strategy
Demographic • The profile for Nokia customer consists of the following geographic and demographic: Geographic • Nokia immediate geographic target is rural India. • The total targeted population is estimated at 100million.Demographic • Male and female. • Ages 25-50, this is the segment that makes up 80%of the Nokia mobile phone market according to the NOKIA India Ltd. • Professionals and College students.


Cadbury India
• Cadbury's presence in India dates back to 1948, when the parent Cadbury Schweppes set up a wholly owned subsidiary Cadbury Fry (India) Ltd. • Cadbury, a subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes is a dominating player in the Indian chocolate market with strong brands like Dairy Milk, Five Star, Perk, Gems, etc. • Dairy milk is the largest chocolate brand in India. Chocolates & Confectionery contribute to 75% of Cadbury‟s turnover. • Cadbury also has a strong brand Bournvita in the malted health drink category, which accounts for 24% of turnover.


• Vision “Life Full of Cadbury and Cadbury Full of Life” • Mission Cadbury's means quality: this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality: Our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our promise is delivered'


Current Situation Analysis New Launch
• Cadbury plans to launch several pack sizes of Toblerone in India at a price range of Rs 50-400, retail and trade. • Bournville and Dairy Milk Silk have been under pressure ever since Ferrero set up its Indian subsidiary four years ago. • Current Market share in chocolate industry is 70%.

The Advertising Campaign
• • • • • " Kuchch Meetha Ho Jaye “ “Gems “ “Bournvilla” Get lost “Eclairs” Silk


SWOT Analysis of Cadbury India Ltd.
• Cadbury kraft foods ltd is a very profitable organization with huge financial pockets. • It is a global chocolate brand built upon a reputation for fine products and services. • Cadbury was one of the Fortune Top 100 Companies. - Huge Market share and leader in india in chocolate industry. - Packing and Pricing. - Brand ambassdor Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachan.

• Cadbury has a reputation for new product development and creativity. However, they remain vulnerable to the possibility that their innovation may falter over time. • Cadbury's recall over 1 million chocolate bars. • The organization is dependant on a main competitive advantage, the retail of coffee.

Opportunities • Cadbury company is very good at taking advantage of opportunities of growth. • The company has the opportunity to expandi ts new markets with new products which are limited in particular region. • Cadbury has decided to focus on a few of its key brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk, Bournvita, Eclairs and Halls to drive growth for the company. • Cadbury India is attempting to increase the market in confectionary market with their “Oreo biscuit”


Threats • Health organization have so many barriers for new development in chocolate. • Cadbury‟s are exposed to rises in the cost of chocolate and dairy products. • Entry into salted snacks was ruled out so it is important to do new innovation and marketing research. - Competitors of cadbury.


Marketing strategies
(i) Pricing
The 13 gram version, is priced at Rs. 5 (about 0.13 CAD), affordable by many middle-class Indians as an occasional treat, but not affordable for those who buy from the less-then-3-rupee (Rs. 3) segment of the market . (ii) Consumer segments served and advertising/promotional strategies used.(STP) • In the 1990’s, the company stated promoting the chocolate for “the kid in everyone”, in an attempt to appeal to adults as well as children (Cadbury Dairy Milk, 2008). • Cadbury’s is trying to tap into the potential market of younger generation Internet users

(iii) Product Positioning • Cadbury India Ltd’s main sources of competition come from Amul, India’s own dairy company and Nestle India, Nestle’s subsidiary in India. • Cadbury India controls around 70% (Cadbury India Ltd., 2008) of the chocolate market, whereas Amul controls around 2% and Nestle India around 27% . (iv) Cadbury products Dairy Milk Gems Oreo Ferrero Rocher Bournvita 5 star


• Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel, the founder of 5,009.32 crore “NIRMA” group.


–Believed in value for money equation.
– Sells 550,066.00 tonnes of detergent powder every year. – Market share of 35%


Nirma Products


Vision And Mission
– Nirma is a customer-focused company committed to consistently offer better quality products and services that maximise value to the customer.This customercentric philosophy has been well emphasised at Nirma through:
– – – – Continuously exploring & developing new products & processes. Laying emphasis on cost effectiveness. Maintaining effective Quality Management System. Complying with safety, environment and social obligations.


• Featured a lady washing a garment . • Daughter was featured on the pack . • Focuses on value-for-money . • One of the oldest and catchy jingle first aired on radio in 1975, was broadcast on television in 1982 . • Nirma Consumer Care Limited .


Brand positioning
• Nirma tried creating value for money, i.e, providing quality product at affordable prices to provide better living . • Product is cost effective and hence considered as a cheap brand. • Such brand positioning lead to decline in the turnover of the company in the past years. Market segmentation Demographic • Income Nirma washing powder was launched as the lowest priced detergent in India, targeting middle income group of people. • Social class Nirma targeted its product to rural people.

Market segmentation
• Psychographic
• Earlier detergent was considered as a luxurious product but after the launch of nirma detergent at low price it was accessed by mass. • The advertisement shows nirma girl and other actors in white, exhibiting clean washing.

• Competitors
• Procter and gamble Tied, Airel • HUL Surf, Rin Wheel

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