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Strategic Capability
Janine Thämlitz Birendra Shrestha Nathaly Curie Andreas Brinkhoff

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Starbucks Value chain Benchmarking SWOT


History and facts

Founded in 1971 in Seattle 1982 Howard Schultz joined In 1990s expansion US & other parts of the world Annual growth 25 % since 1993 15 000 stores, 43 countries, $9.4 billion turnover

Value chain
“A value chain describes the categories of activities within and around an organization, which together create a product or service”

Johnson,Scholes & Whittington

Value chain

Micheal E. Porter, 1985



Source: Benchmarking. http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1702277,00.html, Retrieved April,2009.

SWOT analysis – Strengths & Weaknesses

SWOT analysis – Opportunities & Threats

Strategic Capability Management

Key principles of Starbucks concerning HR Targeted training & development Develop people's awareness

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How can you assess strategic capability?

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