Secure Development Is In Your Hands…

1. Most harmful activities committed from computer or against computer.

3. Different from terrestrial crimes in following ways * Easy to commit * Requires few resources… only a computer having Internet. * Can be committed without physically present in it. * Cyber Crimes are often not clearly illegal.

9. In short, they are the unlawful acts wherein the computer is a tool or target or both.

Cyber = Online

Anything that is related to internet falls under the Cyber Category

In 1987 Cyber Crime and their losses were ranging from $145 million to $ 730 million.

In May 2000, The Love Bug virus attack caused loss of over Billion Dollars World Wide.

3. Kevin Mitnick’s (“Condor”) hacking spree cost high-tech companies at least $291.8 million over a two-year span before his capture.

8. High School Kids hacked into a Bay Area internet server and used stolen credit card numbers to order computer equipment: $200k.

1. Unauthorized Access 2. Email Bombing 3. Data Diddling 4. Salami Attack 5. Internet Time Theft 6. Logic Bomb 7. Virus/Worm Attack

8. Trojan Attack 9. Denial Of Service Attack 10. Distributed DoS 11. Cyber Pornography 12. Email Spoofing 13. Intellectual Property Crime 14. Cyber Stalking

1. Students, terrorists, employees of the organizations are involved in the Cyber Crime.

3. Over 90 % of computer crimes are done by the Company’s own employees.

5. Criminals Includes: * Kids (Age Group 9-16). * Organized Hackers Group….. “Cult Of Dead Cow”. * Employees. * Professional hackers.

1. Unauthorized Access

3. Packet Sniffing

5. Tempest Attack

7. Password Cracking

9. Buffer Overflow

1. Vladimir Levin

3. Johan Helsingius

5. Kevin Mitnick

7. Robert Morris

9. Dennis Ritchie & Ken Thompson

Mr. Kevin Mitnick

1. Cyber laws punish the Cyber Criminals.

2. The Information Technology Act, 2000 defines all the Cyber laws in India. 5. Unauthorized Access 6. Computer Hacking 2 years of Jail or fine. 3 years of Jail or fine up to Rs. 2,00,000/8. Virus Attacks 1 year of Jail & fine up to Rs. 2,00,000/-

1. Firms, civil societies, governments should work cooperatively to strengthen legal frameworks for cyber security.

2. Governments should assure that their laws apply to cyber crimes.


Firms should secure their networked information.

• Use anti-virus software and firewalls - keep them up to date • Don't open emails or attachments from unknown sources. • Back-up your computer data on disks or CDs often • Disconnect from the Internet when not in use. • Don't share access to your computers with strangers