How to Study Accounting Successfully

Your Goals in Studying the course

1-2 Skill Set Required to be Successful in Business world are: SKILL SET Technical / Analytical Skills Communication Skills Personal/Self Skills Interpersonal Skills .

Teaching Learning Cycle Meaning and Objectives PreviewPreview Learning Objectives Assign Present Read 1-3 Test Teaching/ Learning Cycle Learning objective Structure Learning Cycle Teaching Cycle .

MY INSTRUCTION TO THE STUDENTS 1-4 Read and understand the learning objectives carefully Study your courseoutline and know the rules of the course Realize that in this course each session builds on the previous one .

1-5 Learning Aids  Textbook cases  Corporate Insights and Decision Points  Power-point inputs lecture  Review and reinforcement  Presentations and reports .

1-6 Grading 11 point grading scale .

• Pre-class preparation. Just follow the rule here. • After allowing two grace absences. • Attendance will be taken as class begins or at the end and again if required. • On time presence in the class is essential to an effective learning environment.1-7 On time Presence and class participation Coach respects punctuality and time on task. There is no reason to email. • No exceptions save the certified illness. . job interviews. approach or discuss the issue with the instructor. tardiness or early departure will cost you 1 point. tardiness or early departure for any reason or situations including illness. each additional absence. Quality of In-class enquiries. Quality of answers and the In-class body language all will be useful for getting your class participation marks.

1-8 Evaluation Scheme Continuous Evaluation Class participation in Cases:10marks  Project :10marks  Quizzes: 20 marks Assignments &Books of Accounts/Reflective notes marks nil but mandatory to maintain  Mid term Assessment : 30marks  End term Examination: 30 marks  .

GET SET ………………….1-9 SO ON YOUR MARKS……. .


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