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-Transgenic microorganism food product Usually rennin for the production of cheese could only be abstracted from the stomach of the killed calf. Nowadays, with transgenosis technology and transgenic microorganisms, rennin can be obtained outside of the body, avoiding the mass killing of calves and diminishing the cost.

This is a modern technology in molecular biology, which is used to transfer genes of one species into another to modify its DNA to improve some properties like put more proteins, improve the preservability, magic edible vaccines for the purpose of guarding against certain diseases.

The introduction of genetically modified foods into our ecosystem have the potential to disrupt the all walks of life- from microbes and bacteria, to the well-being and health of humans, to the extinction of endangered species, to potentially ending world hunger The transgenic food is the food of the future but this is not taking the really importance for the authorities who is ignoring the real danger. Of all the poisonous side effects of modern technology, genetically modified organisms are the most dangerous.

Kinds of transgenic food:
-Transgenic plant food product Improve the protein genes of wheat to have a high content and nutritious value.

-Transgenic animal food product Certain gene of human is transfer to a cow to produce milk with that special gene and After abstraction it can be used to cure human diseases.

-Special Transgenic plant product This refer to our common corps, greens and fruits where are introduced magic edible vaccines. A type of clover containing a cholera vaccine. Feed with the clover, mice can greatly increase disease resistance. In addition, the cholera vaccine can not only stand stomach acid, but also activate body’s immunity to cholera.

Watch the future….

preventing that the farmers use seed of its own crop for the sowing. without any benefice. Golden Rice The GM rice. The dangers of genetic engineering includes low-quality food. increased pollution of water. With it there is threatened not only the way of life of 1400 million peasants who depend on their seeds. called 'Golden rice' because of its color. It is then converted to vitamin A in the body. Researchers in Japan have identified the enzyme that releases a tear-duct-tickling chemical. The purpose is to stop the possible contamination caused by the GM crops. Some Examples: Fishy Tomatoes Californian scientists have created a frost-resistant tomato by adding an antifreeze gene from a cold-water fish to it. Its only aim is to maximize the earnings of the industry.GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD: A REAL DANGER The biological pollution can be the major resultant danger of the genetic engineering. Deficiency of Vitamin A is a main cause of death In children. food and land. and altering the balance of nature. sick animals. disease organisms and more virulent. contains a gene extracted from a daffodil and inserted into the rice DNA that increases the amount of beta-carotene. the biodiversity and the food safety. The technology Terminator has been condemned in the whole world due to its serious repercussions for the farmers. but the maintenance of the enormous diversity of agricultural varieties preserved in the fields of the farmers and fundamental for the world production of food. The genetically modified (GM) tomato plants were tested to see if they could grow in frosty conditions and it was found that they could. to migrate and to mutate. a more reduced biodiversity. GM could hold back the tears A new finding could lead to GM onions that don't make us cry as we chop them. the indigenous peoples(villages). This is an invitation to an ecological disastrous alteration. New alive organisms. TERMINATOR: Sterile seeds Also called. Their new characteristics will go on to other organisms and they will never be able to recover or to contain. insects. They isolated the gene that controls the production of this enzyme and they can now switch this gene off. bacteria and virus will be given up to reproduce. . Technologic protection system (TPS) was developed for avoiding the farmers keep and replant the seeds of the transgenic food.