Two-Point Perspective Drawing

S. Baur for AE 203

.What is two-point perspective drawing? •A two-point perspective rendering defines all objects within the drawing to one of two vanishing points.

begin by orienting your floor plan to a 30-60 degree angle .Two-point perspective drawing •To start the rendering.

.P.Two-point perspective drawing •From a corner of the building in plan draw a horizontal line indicating your perspective plane. P.

L.P.H.Two-point perspective drawing •From the corner of the intersecting corner and perspective plane draw a vertical line down indicating your true height line. T. P. .

P.Two-point perspective drawing •Locate a stationary point along the true height line by taking a 30 – 60 degree triangle as shown.P. P. 30˚ S. .

P. . P. S. G.P.L.Two-point perspective drawing •Draw a horizontal ground line a convenient distance from the perspective plane to allow sufficient space for the perspective layout.

S.L. H.P. G. .P.Two-point perspective drawing •Locate the horizon plane at approx. eye level to your height (to scale of drawing): P.P.

V.P. .P.L.R.Two-point perspective drawing •Locate your vanishing points by projecting lines parallel to the plan from the stationary point to the perspective plane. G. Draw vertical lines from the point where the lines intersect to the horizon plane indicating the location of your vanishing points. P.P. S. H.P. V.L.P.

H.P. V.Two-point perspective drawing •Lets begin by drawing the first volume.L.L.P.P. start by drawing the height of the largest volume starting with what we know as our true height line P. G. V.P.P. . S.R.

S.L.P.P.R.P. H. V. . V.Two-point perspective drawing •From the stationary point project the 3 corners of the volume to the perspective plane P.P.P. G.L.

S. H. V.P.Two-point perspective drawing •From where the intersect the perspective plane draw light vertical line.P.P.L. V. .P.P. P.R.L. G.

L. S. .P.Two-point perspective drawing •From the lower and upper corner to the vanishing point draw and define the lower and upper edge of your plane. H.P.P. G.P.L. V. P.P.R. V.

L. H.P. For the sides of the volume that are not visible to the foreground use hidden (dashed) lines to indicate the 3-dimesional volume of the space inside. P. V.R.Two-point perspective drawing •Define the volume by removing any unnecessary lines and darkening the rest.L.P. S. G.P.P. V. .P.

Two-point perspective drawing •Shade and Shadow •Assumption: Sun is at a 45-degree angle to the profile of the volume .

Two-point perspective drawing •Draw horizontal lines at the corners of the ground plan of the volume .

Two-point perspective drawing •Draw lines from the intersect point of the projected lines to define the profile of the volume. .

Two-point perspective drawing •Remove unnecessary lines and define the profile of the volume. .

Two-point perspective drawing •Fill-in the shadow profile and indicate which side of the volume is shaded. .

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