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Question and Answer

Complete the passage

1. The poet emphasis that to stand and stare is a waste of time

2. The poem highlights the importance of keeping cows and sheep

3. Watching squirrels hide their nuts in the grass is an example of leisure

4. The persona highlights that beauty of nature must be appreciated

5. According to the poet a poor life is a life without leisure

1. List five things that can be seen in this poem

The boughs, the sheep and cows, the woods, the squirrel, the nuts, the grass, the stream, the daylight, the stars, Beauty, feet that can dance, a smile.

2.List three things that can be heard in this poem

3. How does the persona feel about the busy man?

4. Where is the poem set?

5. Give one example of a simile found in the poem

6. What do you think Beauty represents in this poem?

7. Why does the persona envy the cows and sheep?

8. Give one example personification found in this poem

Beauty is compared to a dancer who smiles with her eyes and her mouth

9. According to the poem, why does Man not stop to appreciate nature?

10. Give two themes of this poem

1.The importance of leisure 2.Appreciation of nature

11. What can we learn from the poem?

1. The word leisure means _____

time for daily chores
the busiest day of our lives

time for studies and revision

time spent doing what you enjoy

2. The setting of this poem is in a ________

urban town


3.What does Beauty represent?

A poor life
A life full of care

The wonderful things in nature

The life in a busy town

4. The phrase no time suggests the following except ______



5. How is life a poor life ?

We lack many facilities
We can enjoy many things

We are too busy to enjoy nature

We spend too much time relaxing

Match the sentence parts to complete the synopsis of the poem Leisure
Man has no free time because
He cannot enjoy the peaceful comfort

that sparkle in the sunlight like the starry sky at night

and just stare around like the sheep or cows

the persona feels that man has no time to relax under the branches of a tree
The persona feels sorry that Man has no time to enjoy the forests

he is always busy and rushed

of simple and carefree leisure time

Man has no time to enjoy the streams

and watch where the squirrels hide their nuts

Match the sentence parts to complete the synopsis of the poem Leisure (continued)
Man has no time to remain still for a while and look
Sadly, Man has no time to admire the beauty of nature which is like the smile The persona feels sorry that Man has no time to enjoy his beautiful surroundings

at the beauty of nature which is like a beautiful dancer

that begins to her in a girls eyes and progresses to her mouth and lights up her face

1. Why is life full of care ?

2. What are some activities of leisure mentioned in the poem?

3. What does the phrase we have no time to stand and stare mean ?

4. What does the poet suggest that we must do each day?

5. How can we find time for leisure?