pfizer – Corporate case study

robust legal data warehouse for advanced analytical reporting Warehouse needed in legal division for deployment of integrated set of transactional tools, matter management, patent and trademark administration and electronic billing Each integrated system had specific reporting limitations, transfer and retrieve data across the multiple system.

Corporate case study

Comprehensive data warehouse that combined each system's daily transactional data can easily accessible, flexible and manageable structure Legal data warehouse build using company standard tools and leverages a corporate shared service for hosting Allows IT and user to develop and run complex systems and reports that cross source system boundaries and allows charting and drill down Everyday operational support and minor enhancements are outsourced to vendor at competitive rates.

Technology used

Oracle- star schema with a small number of fact tables linked to various hierarchal dimension tables to support department, geography, patent family, matter etc. Informatica- data integration solutions ETL(extraction, transformation and load) routines Business objects-all reports, end-user and ad-hoc access


more than 41,000 active SharePoint users with 1,000 top-level. supports secure external collaboration sites accessible to authorized non-Pfizer employees Approximately 60% of Pfizer's collaborative workflow needs were met out of the box with SharePoint

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