• This project is a computer system that will be used in

the Hospitals.
• HealthCare is a Practice Management Software for

opticians, optometrist and ophthalmologist, which leads to smooth working of eye care organization.
• “Health Care Maintenance” provides automated case

management, patient scheduling, diagnosis notes, electronic mail integration to remind patient about their appointment

The project has been planned to be having the view of distributed architecture, with centralized storage of the database.

The application for the storage of the data has been planned. Using the constructs of MS-SQL Server and all the user interfaces have been designed using the ASP.Net technologies.

In the flexibility of the uses the interface has been developed a graphics concept in mind. The GUI’S at the top level have been categorized as

Administrative user interface: This concentrates on the consistent information that is practically, part of the organizational activities

2. The operational or generic user interface : This helps

the users upon the system in transactions through the existing data and required services.

 Administration
 Employee  Reports  Authentication

 Head operator enters his or her user id and password.
 Operators enter his or her user id and password.  Technicians enter his or her user id and password.  Sub technicians enter his or her user id and password.  User requests the reports.  User requests the search.  Head operator can edits the personal details and so on.

 Head operator receives personal details.
 Operator receives the personal details.  Technicians receive personal and technical details.

 Users receive requested reports.
 Displays search result.

The main objective of the feasibility study is to test the Technical, Operational and Economical feasibility for adding new modules

1. Technical feasibility:
 Does the necessary technology exist to do what is suggested?  Do the proposed equipments have the technical capacity to hold the

data required to use the new system? security?

 Are there technical guarantees of accuracy, reliability and data

2.Operational Feasibility
• Is there sufficient support for the management from the users?

Will the system be used and work properly if it is being

developed and implemented? 3.Economic Feasibility

•In the economical feasibility, the development cost in
creating the system is evaluated against the ultimate benefit derived from the new systems. • If the system is economically feasible. It does not require any addition hardware or


Purpose: The main purpose for preparing this document is to give a general insight into the analysis and requirements of the existing system and for determining the operating characteristics of the system. Scope: This Document plays a vital role in the development life cycle (SDLC) As it describes the complete requirement of the system. It is meant for use by the developers and will be the basic during testing phase.

The .NET Framework is designed to fulfill the following objectives:
 To provide a consistent object-oriented programming

environment whether object code is stored and executed locally or executed remotely.  To provide a code-execution environment that guarantees safe execution of code  To provide a code-execution environment that eliminates the performance problems of interpreted environments.  To make the developer experience consistent across widely varying types of applications, such as Windowsbased applications and Web-based applications.

There are two design objectives are Reliability  Error avoidance: Prevents errors from occurring in software.
 Error detection and correction: In this approach errors are

recognized whenever they are encountered and corrected. Maintenance:  More accurately defining user requirement during system development.  Assembling better systems documentation.  Making better use of existing tools and techniques.  Managing system engineering process effectively.

 It was a good idea to do our stress testing early on, because it

gave us time to fix some of the unexpected deadlocks and stability problems that only occurred when components were exposed to very high transaction volumes

 This program was successfully loaded and executed Because of

good programming there were no execution error.

 The successful output screens are placed in the output screens


 As the system is scalable, more modules can be added

as and when required
 The database that is used in the system can be

connected to the patient information system.
 It can be browser independent so that the site can be

opened in any browser.
 The system contents can be modified to accept new

attributes for any criterion.

 Single contact in all matters of health

High-quality advice and patient-oriented treatment  Coordination of all treatment by one general practitioner  You benefit from the knowledge and experience of all the doctors in the network Generous discounts on the basic insurance Preventive measures, education and counselling

It has been a great pleasure for me to work on this exciting project. This project proved good for me as it provided practical knowledge of not only programming in ASP.NET and VB.NET/C#.NET web based application and no some extent Windows Application and SQL Server, but also about all handling procedure related with HEALTH CARE MAINTENANCE SYSTEM. It also provides knowledge about the latest technology used in developing web enabled application . This will provide better opportunities and guidance in future in projects independently.