. Reduce Documentation. Standard Reporting.REQUIREMENT : • • • • • Interaction with students. Improve Speed Of Organization. Improve Functionality.

Integrated department management system provides daily operations performed in the department environment ranging from admissions. faculty etc. This ensures that information is always up-to-date throughout the College. Admission.INTRODUCTION • IDMS is a comprehensive student information management system. registration. Attendence.g. • There are different modules to access our system for e. Time –Table etc . User Profile. Regestration. Result.

. Student can also provide security for his account as there is facility to give the password to our own account . We can change our password . if require . First of all student must have to admit in particular department which is admission process . department will provide id or enrollment no. According to student’s id student can access his own account .Student can save his all work done in practical session as server has allocate some space for every student to keep his data . for every student . • After admission process entire profile of student will be saved in server . After creation of account .• The concept is that system administrator will handle all the information regarding his department.

Student can also see his own profile but can not make changes in it . System Administrator can access all module and he has authority to editing of all module except of student’s personal data . .• Student can access it’s own account by entering enrollment no. Rest users can access only their own module and are not authorized to edit data. password & save his work & this can be done from any where in the system. fast we can expand this for huge organization also. • One important aspect of this system is that each module is categorized by user type. maintain . such as student’s final year marksheet. . Nobody can access every module . • After completion of entire course space allocated for saving the data of student will be erased only important data of student will remain in server . • Since IDMS is easy to implement . enrollment no & etc.

Student Modules : • • • • Admission Registration Marksheet Student ID .

Data Flow Diagram : .

. • Scheduling the time table for relevant batches. • Handling the college notice board.Administrator Function : • Add / Edit / Delete users. • Allocating access rights to users.

Faculty Functions : • Student Attendence. .

. • • • • Also it is economically feasible.Net : • Fully object oriented. Its processing speed is fast. Powerful. • Error Handling. Simplified Data Access. • Faster Recovery.Software Specification :  Front End : Vb.  Back End : SQL Server 2005 : • Security Enhancement. Flexible. Improved Coding.

hence.ADVANTAGES : • • • • • Easy access to information when required. Easy to handle all functionality of college. reducing the delay for any activity. documentation. • Reduces information time lag. • Increase faculty time spent on research and interacting with students. reports. Easy approach to find the detail information of any student. • Easy to search and interact with students. Teacher does not need to maintain the file. . Collective records of all students and faculty.

• Exam Suit . .APPLICATION : • Student Attendence Software .

• Can be enhanced for CMS .FUTURE DEVELOPMENT : • Easy Handling within small organization . . • To keep user data in standard form.

it is a bridge between the College and Students.CONCLUSION : • We understand that IDMS in not a product to be sold. .