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INTRODUCTION “Rural marketing is a two-way process which encompasses the discharge of business activities that direct the flow of goods from urban to rural areas (for manufactured goods) and vice versa (for agriculture produce). . as also within the rural areas”.

Channels Services Travel and reservation Services Educational and Career consultancy .V.Scope of Rural Marketing         Agricultural consultancy Banking. microfinance and loan facilities Healthcare Telecomm services Automobiles Services T.

Problems Faced by Rural Marketing         Low Literacy Seasonal Demand Transportation Media for Promotions Communication Problems Traditional Life Buying Decisions Career in Rural Market .

etc.Approaches to Tap the Rural Market      Direct selling Self-Help Groups (SHGs) Small packages at lower prices Product promotion by communication Providing schemes. - .

CONCLUSION Rural marketing can also be enhanced by developing erural marketing sources. . And teaching the people living in rural areas to operate it and develop themselves as well as the whole nation.

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