ACTIVE IMMUNITY SIMILARITIES Fight pathogen DIFFERENCES PASSIVE IMMUNITY Bacteria or viruses that are killed or weakened Stimulate body to produce antibody Antigen CONTENT OF SUBSTANCE INJECTED Serum containing specific antibody that extracted by animal The animal’s antibody fight with pathogen Antibodies FUNCTION TYPE OF SUBSTANCE RECEIVED BY THE BODY The one who has not been infected Longer time Longer lasting Hepatitis B THE PERSON WHO IS GIVEN THE IMMUNITY TIME TAKEN TO ACQUIRE IMMUNITY DURATION OF IMMUNITY EXAMPLE One who has been infected Immediate Not last long Tetanus .

To prevent humans from being infected by certain disease To help the infected disease from getting worse IMPORTANCE OF IMMUNITY To help the infected persons recovers fast To prevent outbreak and spread of certain disease .

SYPHILIS TUBERCULOSIS TETRACYCYLINE CHOLERA.HOW DISEASE CAUSED BY PATHOGEN ARE TREATED TRADITIONAL MEDICAL TREATMENT •Herbal treatment •Acupunture •Yoga and meditation MODERN MEDICAL TREATMENT •antiserum •Antibiotics •Synthetic medicine •Surgical methods •operation •RADIOTHERAPY ANTIBIOTICS •Complex chemical substance that kill bacteria or slow down their growth without harming the body cell •Taken orally or injected into person’s body to fight diseasecausing bacteria ANTIBIOTICS PENICCILIN STREPTOMYCIN DISEASE GONORRHEA. BACTERIA DYSENTRY . TYPHUS.

rashes and some may cause death Killing of friendly bacteria .Damage of internal organ Pathogen become resistant to antibiotics THE DANGERS OF USING DRUGS WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION AND MEDICAL ADVICE Allergies – in the form of inflammation.