Introduction to Define

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their needs and requirements Quantify the gap(s) between process outputs and client requirements Define the performance standards or measures Establish project objectives Ensure resources are in place for the improvement project Define Measure Analyze Improve Control Primary responsibility of Project Champion and Black Belt © 2001 ConceptFlow 2 .Purpose of the Define Phase • • • • • • Identify product and/or process to be improved Identify the clients.

goals and benefits of the six sigma® project • Financial benefits approved by Finance Department • A high-level process map of major processing events occurring in the process • Project plan with milestones and deliverables Define Measure Analyze Improve Control States the need of the client (CTQ) and the problem © 2001 ConceptFlow 3 . critical-to-satisfaction requirements Linkage of client requirements to process outputs Team formed with charter describing purpose.Define Phase Deliverables • • • • Product or process balanced against strategic business requirements Client.

Purpose of Define Phase • • • • Identifies the product and/or process needing improvement Establishes expectations of the improvement project Secures resources for the improvement project Utilizes Breakthrough Strategy® to maintain focus on client’s requirements © 2001 ConceptFlow 4 .

Define Phase Topics • • • • • • • Defining Values and Client Relationships Metrics Project Selection and Definition Team Building Project Management Finance Deliverables © 2001 ConceptFlow 5 .

service or information does the client receive? • What are the client requirements? • Do the requirements represent the “Voice of the Client”? • Translate client requirements into functional process requirements © 2001 ConceptFlow 6 .Defining Values and Client Relationships Module • Who is the client? • Is the client internal or external? • What product.

Metrics • • • • What data needs to be collected to quantify the clients requirements? Do current metrics account for the “hidden factory”? What is the process benchmark sigma? Six sigma metrics are identified for projects © 2001 ConceptFlow 7 .

Project Selection and Definition • • • • • • What problem is being addressed? What are the client’s Critical To Satisfaction elements? What defect needs to be reduced? What are the project objectives? How does the project impact the client. business and functional area? Produces • Project goals linked to top-level business goals • Benefits to the organization • One-page project definition and contract • High-level process map (SIPOC) © 2001 ConceptFlow 8 .

Team Building • Who are the major stakeholders • Do the team members represent the process? • Core members vs. extended members • Have team roles and responsibilities been defined and agreed upon? • How will conflict and influence be managed? • Produces • Team communication and documentation plan • Visual control/information center © 2001 ConceptFlow 9 .

Project Management • Are the key milestones and timelines established? • What are possible barriers to completing the project? • Produces • Project plan following the Breakthrough Strategy • Schedule of milestones and deliverables • Critical path for phase implementation • Plan to mitigate barriers • Plan for updating and communicating project progress © 2001 ConceptFlow 10 .

Financial Management • • • • • Who is the financial analyst? What are the estimated cost of quality and potential project savings? Are savings classified as direct or indirect savings? Is the project aligned with the business objectives? Produces • Validation of project savings from Finance © 2001 ConceptFlow 11 .

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