3 Retail outlets in and around Mumbai. Karia • • • 51 years old organisation. • Complete logistics and support available for our Distribution Network. .G. The third generation of Karia family running the business. H.

mtrs. Mulund Showroom – 200 Sq. mtrs. Navi Mumbai Showroom – 300 Sq.Retail Operations • • • • 3 Retail outlets in Mumbai Ulhasnagar Showroom – 400 Sq. . mtrs.

Brand Diversity: We sell + top brands of India .

Product Distribution: Cities  Mumbai  Pune  Nasik  Nagpur  Kolhapur  Sangli  Goa  Surat  Ahmedabad  Baroda .

Gujarat. .Dealers Network • • Best dealers and counters network. Strategically located in Maharashtra. and Goa.

Indian Consumer Dynamics • Value for money • Options unlimited .

Brand Visibility • The maximum sales are from Mumbai city. Largely the wide % difference arises due to the pricing of the products. • Loyalty towards the brand. the rest are from the other parts. . we must be the few distributors all over India concentrating on one brand.

and Vietnam products are priced competitively priced to meet the Indian consumer demands. . Sri Lanka.Challenges: Dealers Retention • Turkey. Egypt. China. Malaysia. Dubai. Indonesia.

.Challenges: Consumer Retention • • The spending power of Indian consumer is difficult to predict Spanish or Italian products which are sold in Indian market are just sold according to Country of Origin and not as per the Brand.

Challenges: Consumer Retention • • Low budget customer has unlimited options to choose from. Indian customers are keen to buy imported products from different parts of Europe. rather than worry about the brands. .

Constant threats from local manufacturer copying the products in vogue.g. • • • High value decoration are not available. . which has a high volume business Rectification options not available in most of the floors for e. • • The products are highly priced compared to other Spanish products with same finishes. finlandia. tresor. considering the fact that they are not rectified. space. 60% of the range are in smaller sizes. tebas.Pattern Finder: Factors leading to difficulties in Sale • No options available for floor tiles segment.

. Cheap products from other parts of world entering the Indian markets.Pattern Finder: Factors leading to low sales • • Cheap Spanish product off lately being launched in India.

. folders and branding at dealers showroom. Brand visibility tools such as catalogues. Magazine advertisements Interior – Dealer meet for new products launch.We Propose: Increase Azteca Sales • • • • • Free displays to be provided to dealers. Competitive rates to compete market demands.