Mudras in Worship

Adapted from works of Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Devi Mandir Publications

the mind automatically conceives the corresponding attitude. When the fingers assume the appropriate positions.What are Mudras? Mudras are symbolic gestures that demonstrate a specific attitude or respect according to the various meanings found in the ceremonies of worship. . mudras are an effective technique to bring the mind into a state of harmony. Thus.

. prior to the commencement of worship. proposed activity and purpose.Sankalpa Mudra The Sankalpa Mudra is used for stating the date. the performer. time and place.

water and flowers. for example.Purifying Mudras Purifying Mudras are used in the purification of articles of worship. .

Matsya Dhenu Ankush .Water Purification Three mudras are used sequentially in purifying water during puja. These mudras are waved over the container of water which may be a conch or cup.

which symbolizes swimming across the ocean of worldliness without fear. Shree Maa tells us to be like the fish at the bottom of the pond. but never dirty.Matsya Mudra The Matsya Mudra is the mudra of the fish. He is always in the mud. .

Dhenu Mudra The Dhenu Mudra is the mudra of the cow. which indicates the one who pours forth nourishing goodness in abundance. .

Ankush Mudra The Ankusha Mudra is the mudra of the goad or curved sword. which symbolizes prodding seekers on towards their ultimate goal. or cutting down the iniquities of the ego. .

Purification of Flowers Both the Dhenu and the Prathana mudras are used in purifying flowers to be offered for worship. The mudras are waved over the flowers in sequence. .

Prathana Mudra The Prathana Mudra is the mudra of prayer. . and the worshiper who demonstrates this mudra prays for purity and clarity.