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Ang romansa at trahedya ni Heneral Antonio Luna (isang kuwento ng pag-ibig) .

Dahil bukod sa pinatay siya mismo ng kapwa Pilipinong mga sundalo. ipinagkanulo din ng naging kasintahan ni Luna ang tiwalang ipinagkaloob sa kanya ng heneral.Ganito ang kuwento ng trahedyang pag-ibig ni Antonio Luna. matinitk na taktisyan at tahasang antiAmerikano. dakilang heneral ng Digmaang Pilipino-Amerikano. .

Bukod sa panunuligsa sa mga konserbatibo’t mapagkanulo. maraming historyador ang nagsasabi na may iba pang kuwento ang pamamalagi ni Heneral Luna sa Malolos noong 1899. .

Tarlac. Dito nagsimula ang kuwento umano ng pag-iibigan nina Luna at Ysidra Cojuangco. matriyarka ng angkang Cojuangco sa Paniqui. .Nasa Malolos ang dating tinitirhang mansiyon ng mga Cojuangco. sinasabing nakitira sa mga Cojuangco ang ilang prominenteng lider ng gobyerno. Pagbukas ng Kongreso ng Malolos. kabilang na si Luna.

ng isang anak ang pag-iibigan nina Luna at Cojuangco. nilisan ng mga Cojuangco ang Malolos patungong Paniqui.Nagbunga. diumano. (Ayon sa pananaliksik ni Hilarion Henares. Tarlac upang makatakas sa kahihiyang dulot ng pagkabuntis diumano ni Ysidra na walang kilalang asawa. dating propesor at kolumnista) .

Ang naturang ay nabuhay at ipinaampon daw sa kapatid ni Ysidra na si Melecio. marami ang ebidensiya na si Antonio Cojuangco Sr. . ang siyang nawawalang “anak sa pagkakasala” ng dalawang magkasintahan. Ayon pa kay Henares. lolo sa tuhod ni Tonyboy Cojuangco (asawa ng artistang si Gretchen Barretto)..

Third is the secret and almost conspiratorial way that his birthdate is being withheld from the public. and Antonio Cojuangco was a doctor of medicine. cannot all happen in a million years. Antonio's son Ramon graduated from Fordham University with a business degree. unlike his brothers and their families. PLDT president. and to the great grandson Antonio Cojuangco III. are excellent scholastic achievers like the Lunas. graduated summa cum laude with an economics degree in Ateneo. Fourth is that the descendants of Antonio Cojuangco the elder. as shown by the photos above. with a natural desire to be in the same field as his father. All the other Cojuangco brothers -. cum laude. and Ramon's son Tonyboy. unless they have the same genes: . Second is that Antonio Luna was a pharmacist and medical technician.Jose. common to both father and son.First is the name Antonio. the president of PLDT. and passed on to grandson Antonio Cojuangco Jr.either took up law or business. who was killed by the Japanese with his parents. Juan and Eduardo -. The common physical features of Antonio Luna and Antonio Cojuangco.

. Antonio Luna’s body has disappeared from the face of the earth. the final proof of their common genes may be verified. the hairlines of Juan and Jose are neat and straight across the forehead. whose is the OTHER body buried with Antonio Cojuangco? If as we will find later. slant and located LOWER than those on the right. while those of two Antonios form a V at the parting of the hair at the “hati” -. Blood will tell. DNA samples are available from present live members of the Luna family. is that of his father Antonio Luna?? Easy to tell. Ninth. the two Antonios have the same pout on the lower lip.Fifth.a sort of reverse widow's peak Sixth. and is neither in Batac where he was born. their right eyes are round and almond-shaped. and the left eyes are small. they have bushy eyebrows on their right side. to continue our enumeration. and the same is available from the descendants of Antonio Luna. or in Cabanatuan where he was assassinated. Eighth. Seventh. and if the DNA element in the bones of both Antonio Luna and Antonio Cojuangco be compared. and less pronounced pencil-thin eyebrows on their left side. then is it possible that the other body buried with Antonio Cojuangco.

Sa huling taon ng buhay ni Heneral Luna. ipinatago diumano niya sa kasintahang si Ysidra ang mga kayamanan ng rebolusyonaryong gobyerno. Tarlac. leading this convoy through forested areas up to the final destination in Paniqui. Ayon sa historyador na si Alfredo Saulo: The convoy of carts loaded with a huge amount of Spanish gold and silver coins seized from local treasuries in the Ilocos region. in the house of Ysidra Cojuangco. . girlfriend of General Antonio Luna.

At dahil hindi hayagan ang relasyon ng magkasintahan. ayon kay Henares. sinasabing ipinabura ng pamilyang Cojuangco ang lahat ng rekord na maaaring magpatotoo na anak nga ni Heneral si Antonio Sr. hindi alam ng karamihan sa mga lider kung saan o kanino iniwan ni Luna ang mga ginto. Nawawala ang kanyang mga rekord ng pagkabuhay sa mga simbahan ng Malolos at Paniqui. naiwan kay Ysidra ang mga ginto ng rebolusyon. Malaki ang ebidensiya. sa utos diumano ni Heneral Aguinaldo. . at maging sa Ateneo de Manila.Nang paslangin si Luna noong Hunyo 5. na ang mga gintong ipinatago ni Luna kay Ysidra ang dahilan ng biglang pagyaman diumano ng mga Cojuangco. kung saan siya nag-aral. Matagal na ring alam ng mga viejas familias sa Gitnang Luzon na sa rebolusyonaryong gobyerno ni Aguinaldo at ng Katipunan nanggaling ang kayamanan ng pamilyang Cojuangco. 1899 sa Cabanatuan. Upang itago raw ang tunay na pinagmulan ng kanilang yaman.

. married Antera Estrella. and together with his father Jose who also had a wealthy wife. studied in Binondo. Melecio sired four sons: Jose Jr. Juan. Melecio married wealthy Tecla Chichioco. and sired three children: Ysidra (1867). Jose arrived at the age of 13 from Amoy in 1861. PACMAN). moved to Malolos as a contratista in housebuilding. Antonio (father of Monching Cojuangco of the PLDT) and Eduardo (father of Danding. Melecio (1871). Fukien.We know nothing about Martin. (father of President Cory. bought a fleet of carretones for hire to transport goods to Manila. the first Cojuangco. and Trinidad who died early. sent for by his father. Pete and Peping). except for a memorial built by his son Jose in the town of Paniqui which states that during the Manchu Dynasty he was the 19th generation of the Kho family in Hing-chiam.

1901. Tarlac on March 19. had almost a scuffle over a bicycle. for P200 and 11 hectares.35 and 2 hectares for P119. .33 hectares of rice land for P100 on September 1. 16. both young boys then. Melecio welcomed him as a guest and offered his capacious warehouses for the storing of US army supplies. not speaking each other’s language -. where they bought 1. for P900 on November 10. knocked at the door of Don Melecio and asked to be quartered. To reciprocate. General MacArthur gave orders that the Cojuangco family could use free of charge the train to bring their rice to Manila. 1896.The family moved to Paniqui. 3. 1909.50 a sack saved. 1901. for P500. 8 hectares for incident hey laughed about in later years.65 on November 17. Cory's father Jose and Douglas MacArthur. During the Philippine American War. With freight cost of P2. chasing Aguinaldo to Ilocos and Palanan. the Cojuangcos profited immensely by being nice to an enemy officer. since the train went back empty after bringing the army supplies to Paniqui.73 hectares. General Arthur MacArthur.74 hectares.

Another story is that Gen. San Fernando and Guagua. Ambassador Rafaelita Hilario Soriano. in his “The Philippine Insurgent Records. chalices and other church treasures taken from Bacolor. Cojuangco returned. Hilario's granddaughter. After losing an encounter at Sto. relates that her grandfather kept the gold and silver in sacks. .000 of the rebel's money was never accounted for. had collected a sizeable sum from contributions with which to pay his soldiers. After the war. he entrusted a sizeable sum of money in gold and silver to Melecio Cojuangco to be brought up north. and with no one to give it to. Tomas. Luna ordered Hilario to bring the valuables to Tarlac.”' said that P27. Antonio Luna. retrieved the money. where the revolutionary government planned to establish its capital. as chief of staff of the revolutionary army. including gold plates. But the US army caught up with Melecio who threw the treasure into a deep well. Pampanga. kept it for himself. Captain Taylor.One story was that when Aguinaldo fled from Malolos. Pampanga governor. The person who collected for him was Tiburcio Hilario.

Lucero. Ysidra the spinster became the head of the family. Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija that Justice Antonio G. Melecio was elected to the first Philippine Assembly. totaling P2 million -. among them Cory's papa and those of Danding and Monching. controlled the rice trade of the province and lent so much money to planters and businessmen of Tarlac.which was written off as the last charitable act of their aunt. 1960. But the family insists that Ysidra fell in love with an unnamed Chinese mestizo who died before they could be married. The uncles also found a trunk full of Japanese Occupation money. which Ysidra thought might be validated after the war. It was the only mistake she ever made as a businesswoman. The Cojuangco family owned some 12. In one trunk.000 hectares. and died after an altercation with some bully-boy Americans on the train to Paniqui. and it was suspected that General Antonio Luna was the father. inherited equally her belongings. Ysidra was 93 when she died in the Makati Medical Center on July 13. and her four nephews. .Ysidra Cojuangco bore a child out of wedlock. She died intestate. the family lawyer thought she practically owned Central Luzon. With the death of the father Don Jose. they found IOU's of laborers and the poor.

.Kung paniniwalaan ang historyador na si Dr. kundi ng mismong mga mananakop na Amerikano. Maingay at delikado kasi siyang katunggali hindi lamang para sa kapangyarihan ni Aguinaldo. pataksil na ipinapatay ni Aguinaldo si Luna. Vivencio Jose.

Kataksilan at kasinungalingan diumano ang naging pundasyon ng kayamanan ng mga Cojuangco. Malaking kataksilan din ang di pagsauli diumano ng kasintahang si Ysidra ng mga gintong malaki pa sana ang maitutulong sa rebolusyon.Isang malaking kawalan sa mga nakikidigmang Pilipino ang pagkamatay ni Luna. . tulad din ng kataksilan at kasinungalingan na naging pundasyon ng Republika ni Aguinaldo.

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