Case study : Learning “Managers who use punishment”

Prepared by: Rajendra Timilsina

termination . such as a verbal warning then being written up and if the problem persists. • When an employee has a negative consequences for poor performance. do you think justify the use of punishment? Ans: I think punishment is not always effective way to increase sales. What conditions. if any.Q1. There are some conditions when we can use as punishment. a while not every time. If there positive reinforcement that employees should earn. Because it may work once. for example: • When employee willingly violating the rules. In case of punishment I prefer the three strikes method. • For some people who are related to public embarrassment works could be a result by giving punishment. • When reinforcement fail to correct employee behavior • When an employee’s performance is unacceptable and he are not worried about that and he also do not to try to improve the performance.

before using punishment manager should use reinforcement to keep employee on the track. Do you think most managers use punishment? If so. why? Ans: • I do think that most managers use punishment because it is necessary in some instances to keep employees on track. . then manager should definitely use punishment.2. when employee will not lessen. • There are some forms of punishment in business for those who choose not to follow the rules. • But.

• Punishments reduce the job satisfaction and job commitment which affects the employee productivity. • It can cause offense and fear in the employee which is not productive. • I really do not see a downside for using positive reinforcement because by motivating an employee it makes them feel better and want to please organization by doing better. What’s the downside of using punishment? Of using positive reinforcement? Ans: • The downside of using punishment is the negative impact that it could have on an employee. .3.

if the boss use punishment and it is the reason of my fault. I would try to increase my performance. • For example. I would have to think others. • If I would work under a boss who uses punishment.4. I would take decision according to the situation. Have you ever worked for a boss that used punishment? What was your behavioral response? Ans: • No. I have not yet worked for a boss who uses punishment. . • I would search others jobs and leave the organization. • But if the boss uses punishment every time to correct my behavior.

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