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The overriding function is to see that its clients advertising leads to greater profits in the long run


prepares, and places advertising to this end

The agency supplies the outside point of view

Aid the advertiser in the firms efforts to communicate with prospective purchasers of its product

Between various advertising agencies lie in the

Creative skills of the personnel of each agency

Philosophies of advertising held by each agency

The agency size may be a significant factor in its effectiveness, as larger agency may be able to give varied services; however smaller agencies may be able to give personalized service

The advertising manager has the responsibility for planning the advertising program Some of this responsibility is delegated to the agency In addition, the agency must do considerable planning in carrying out its own functions of creating and placing advertising

Firms products Its past advertising history Present market conditions The firms distribution method

Is critical if the agency is to do an effective job

A great deal about the product

Its pluses and minuses as compared with competitive products

Is built on a good product; And the advertising theme is created in accordance with how the advertiser wishes to Position the product in the consumers mind

The agency engages in extensive research into the market for the clients product To market a product successfully, market studies are conducted Who buys it When Where How and Why


direction and timing

Which is aided by this information

Competitors activities are also important

The agency analyzes marketing methods and distribution channels used in the past for the product in order to obtain specific information about the business environment in which the advertising message is to operate The advertising must be relevant to the present; and Aesthetically acceptable to the consumer and to the trade

In addition to audience figures and comparative costs The advertising message must be adapted to the medium in which it is to appear Different advertising media do have varying impacts on different segments of the market for specific products

The agency knows the physical requirements of each medium and creates ads that fits the space and time requirements of that medium

From this background of : Product, Market, Distribution, and Media knowledge The agency can recommend strategies for presenting the product to prospective buyers

These ideas are submitted to clients for approval Upon approval of the strategies, the agency is ready to carry them out to create the ad and place it A full service agency can provide many other marketing services to its clients Can conduct post-advertising market studies to ascertain the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Media choices are made before the ads are created Specific advertisements are created Copy is written Layouts are done Illustrations are drawn or photographed The advertising messages are prepared in the correct mechanical form for running in the selected media And commercials are produced

Once the messages have been published or aired;

The agency verifies the fact Pays the media and bills the client

Agency works with the sales force and the distribution network To ensure the long-run success of the advertising program Maximum sales from the combined efforts of the salesperson, distributors, and retailers all assisted by advertising are the goal

of many details involved in advertising, the client still makes the major decisions
One fundamental decision is to advertise or not Once the decision to advertise is made, the client chooses an advertising agency

Large advertisers may engage a number of different agencies to handle various brands in their product line Thereafter, decisions are concerned with the strategy to be used in the advertising program The ideas of the agency are approved, modified, or disapproved

In large agencies advertising specialists are assigned to specific tasks in the preparation of ads or the performance of other services

Keeping the client satisfied with the services rendered is of paramount importance to the business success of the advertising agency This is the primary duty of the account executive, who acts as a liaison between agency and advertising department (advertiser) personnel The account executive often works on the formulation of the advertising strategy in cooperation with the client

Regardless of the source of the strategy, the account executive must see that the agency keeps to the stated plan The account executive represents the client by explaining the advertisers point of view to all agency personnel working on the account, And also represents the agency point of view to the client The job, therefore, calls for diplomacy and tact

Merely liaisoning between the agency and the advertiser is not all there is to account management The account executive is in charge of the administration of the advertising program on the agency side, thus serving as the catalyst in bringing out the best in the agencys creative talent

Once advertising plans are firm, ads are designed by creative personnel to carry out the plan An agency retains a varied group of creative people writers artists, designers, graphic art specialists The creative function may be under one department, or it may be divided into several separate departments, such as copy, art, broadcast, and production

Is not a mechanical technique It involves a novel or infrequent expression, response, or concept Creativity in advertising must be oriented to and correlated with the marketing situation and serve as a communication problem solver

Has been described as Presenting a product in a way that makes people want to buy it. Once advertising plans are firm, advertisements are designed by creative personnel to carry out the plan An agency retains a varied group of creative people, including writers, artists, designers, television producers, and graphic arts specialists. The creative function maybe under one department, or it may be divided into several separate departments, such as copy art, broadcast and production.

This creativity often goes beyond the creation of physical properties called advertisements an agency may recommend new products, different distribution methods or a distinctive selling idea

The outside point of view shines through these recommendations

The ideal agency has personnel who can generate new marketing and communication ideas

Another highly specialized agency function. The goal of the media people in the agency is to choose the advertising medium or combination of media that will do the most effective job of reaching the clients prospects. Securing the right audience is the most important factor in media choices, but decisions of course are affected by costs.

From a maze of statistical data concerning rates, circulations, populations, audiences, incomes and other relevant information, the most productive advertising media is chosen.

A major service provided by the advertising agency people is research to support the decisions made in the creative and media areas The gathering of factual information is often a specialized agency function. Data on the marketplace and consumer buying habits may be gathered and analyzed. The agency may also arrange for copy-testing during the creation of ad campaigns and after they have been run.

Every advertising agency contains an administrative arm which conducts routine, behind-the-scenes business operations because it is a business enterprise. In addition, it is essential that individual jobs be coordinated and done on time, since deadlines must be met. This function is performed by a specialized traffic department.

Furthermore, larger agencies often have a legal department to pass on the advertisements created by the agency. Smaller agencies rely on law firms for such advice. Some agencies maintain merchandising departments; Others provide Public Relations services for clients.

The management of an advertising agency provides true challenges for agency executives. In addition to the usual problems of organizational structure, There are the challenges of securing new business and maintaining relationships with clients

Top Management has another vital duty to get new business. Agencies grow in two ways: 1. By growing with their present accounts 2. By adding new accounts

The first method involves doing good work for the clients and relying on increased business from these accounts The second method involves acquisition of new advertising programs The agency management acts as the sales department for the agency Some agencies aggressively solicit new business; others discuss the possibility only on invitation

Selling an agencys services to a client involves making a presentation, which is a description of the agencys personnel, resources, present accounts, and successes. The agency maybe making the presentation singly or in competition with other agencies Often clients require that a speculative presentation be made. In these presentations, agency executives show how the account will be handled if it is given to the agency.

No concept is more sacred to the advertising world

There is no other industry where the prosperity of a service company, and its future growth, are so closely linked with the success of its clients as in advertising.

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We expect excellence in everything you do. We expect that your people will know our business almost as well as we do, and that goes from the technical to the marketing, so that if there are potentials for interesting advertising, it can be created. We expect your people to know the industry as well as we do. We expect your people to be with the consumers, the retailers, the wholesalers and in the front lines, where the business is done and the battle is fought.

5. We expect your people to be honest with us and not yes us. 6. We expect your people to give us every crazy idea they might have, even though the rate of rejection is high and the work load heavy. 7. We expect your people to stay on your account and not be taken away by competitors. We, as you, have investments in them and, if they are good, we want them. 8. We expect you to have the same corporate affirmative action policy on personnel on our accounts as we do.

9. We expect to be presented with options good advertising dependent on mutual creativity 10. We expect total involvement at all levels of agency management.

All businesses need operating revenue to survive.

Advertising revenues come from two sources : 1. Commissions from advertising media 2. Client fees