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ITDE Hall of Fame Nomination

Courtney L. Teague EDD 8008

Dr. Ruth Clark

Born in San Francisco, California.

Why I Chose Dr. Ruth Clark

-her contributions to the field of ITDE -her ability to translate research into laymens terms -she has diverse experience in the field of ITDE -she replied to my email!

1964-Bachelors of Arts in Biology and Chemistry from Immaculate Heart College 1966- Masters of Arts in Biological Chemistry from University of California, Los Angeles 1998- Doctor of Education degree in Instructional Psychology from the School of Education at the University of Southern California


-President for Clark Training & Consulting -Prior to founding Clark Training & Consulting, Dr. Clark served as training manager for Southern California Edison

What inspired her to pursue e-Learning?

I feel in the corporate sector that good ISD (regardless of delivery media) can make a difference in the workplace both for the employee and for the organization (R. Clark, personal communication, October 18,2012).

Published Work:

More of her articles can be viewed at

- She is past president of the International Society for Performance Improvement -2006 recipient of the Thomas F. Gilbert Distinguished Professional Achievement Award from ISPI.

Contribution to ITDE
Clark developed the DVEP model. The DVEP model represents for Define, Visualize, Engage, and Package (Clark, 2005). The Define stage is the first and in it the designer is articulating the business goals and the knowledge skills needed to achieve them. Visualize method includes identifying visuals for topics. Engage requires the designer has to select the instructional methods required to achieve the stated learning objectives. Package, the final step in this initial stage is selecting the delivery media that best deliver the instructional methods identified (Clark, 2005).

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