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King of Capital: Roasted Black (Asado Negro) (Muchacho asado)

What central Venezuelan no delight at a table where the king is ( dominguera ) Sundays meal : The Black Roast?

This dish representative of the Venezuelan capital, perhaps had its birth in the kitchen of a well-off family in the region, where the mistress of the kitchen spent the whole day preparing the dishes that diners of every family needed. Very possibly, the origin of the dish is casual, it is believed that some of these cooks or any of his assistants, they have been instructed sear a steak, and inadvertently let it burn. This could happen to any expert or inexperienced in the kitchen, as it pans to wash (whether plants or pots), were out of the houses, and were well away from the stove ... and this coming and going, or any early-morning chatter, could happen ... the real problem was not burned, but really how to fix it ...

Arrangement of this meat was talking today because it became so famous that currently no Venezuelan family, (mainly in the capital) do not know or prepare a Roast Black. It is a true delight taste, tender and juicy, bathed in dark sauce. Permeate prepare your home for an exquisite smell and comforting. Its development requires time but most of all lots of love and patience to get the desired result, meat Typical antique kitchen slices soft, tender, well-cooked but juicy, almost black with a cover, and Fogn bathed in a brown sauce with a touch between bitter and sweet ...

Served with white rice and fried plantain slices in its typical presentation, or if you want a more sophisticated look accompanied with baked potatoes or mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, roast the unmistakable Black will once served the king in the table

Ingredients A boy round 1 Kg Approx. 5 spoon of corn oil cup grated Papeln ( similar to sugar cane) (or white sugar) 3 large onion, cut into cubes 3 cloves of garlic crushed kg of green pepper, cut into cubes Red Wine if you like Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Preparation The night before the preparation, take the boy and clean leaving part of the layer of fat on top. Pat well with crushed garlic, salt and pepper to taste, bathe with red wine, cover and allow to sleep that night in the fridge. Very hot oil in a pan and add the brown sugar (can substitute sugar, but the taste that gives the newsprint is unique). When it is dark, seal meat in this mixture until it is almost black, give their time, so it is really dark. Apart onions cut into cubes, put in the blender machine the onions and green pepper to make a paste adding a little water to facilitate the process Add the mixture of green pepper and onions, a little water, salt and pepper, simmer covered until tender. You add water if necessary to prevent drying. When ready let stand before cutting, serve with pride accompanied by a fine white rice and fried plantains Enjoy it!