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ACI is a one of the largest Bangladeshi conglomerates

which operates through three reportable segments: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Brands and Agribusiness. ACI established as the subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and it has been incorporated as ICI Bangladesh Manufacturers Limited on January 24, 1973. The company was renamed as Advanced Chemical Industries Limited (ACI Limited) on 5 May 1992 ACI is exporting its Pure Brand products to Australia, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and many other countries to come into the list.

New Product Specifications

ACI Pure Chingri Bhaja is a new product which ACI

Food Ltd has planned to launch The product is fried shrimps which would be sold in small packs of 100 gm & 250gm. The product is basically the fried shrimps with some added spices on top added on as powdered spices to make it taste a little spicy. Besides other exporting countries, ACI is now going to launch their new products in Malaysia

Environment Analysis (Malaysia) Micro-environment

Marketing Intermediaries

ACI mainly distributes their product through various regional assigned Vendors in different regions of Malaysia Customers ACI has basically two main types of customers- Firstly, Bangladeshies population and Secondly, the business buyers like the big superstores.

Micro-environment (Cont...)

ACI has established a strong brand name for itself and one of the top companies in the food & beverage industries. ACI currently has some very strong local competitors in Malaysia Publics There are mainly two types of public involved to the company: I. General publics- individual customers II. Internal publics - managers, employees and so on.

Macro-environment Analysis

Political stability is a major issue for any company that many companies can suffer due to the unstable political condition. Legal issues are cause of concern as the food products of ACI Foods Limited have to have the minimum quality standard before being marketed. Economical Economical stability is vital for any kind of business and the food industry would be hit if there is a change in income levels of an economy.

Macro-environment Analysis (Cont...)


More recently people have become more accustomed to consuming readymade food. Technological Technological advancement may improve the quality of product and ACI focuses a lot on using latest technology to carry out their production. Demography Every business is any how depended on demography and in this case people of almost all demographic level will be considered.

SWOT Analysis
I. ACI has a strong brand name II. It has chain of retail outlets to sell their own products.

ACI Food Ltd. is a new sector of ACI Ltd., so basically it is in the growth stage

I. Due to the change in lifestyle the demand for readymade food products have increased greatly. Expanding business in the international market would always be an attractive proposition.

A major threat for ACI Food Ltd. is its competitors who have very well established brand food products in the market.


ACI believes that Pure Chingri Bhaja would be a huge

hit amongst the people judging from the demand of shrimp in the local market in Malaysia. ACI hopes to create an image in the minds of the customer as a reliable & quality conscious product. The end target is to make Pure Chingri Bhaja a one of a kind product which would be remembered by the brand name itself Pure Chingri Bhaja.

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