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Final Impressions for Complete Dentures

Polyvinyl Siloxanes
Addition Reaction Silicone

Hydrophobic Newer materials more hydrophilic

Similar to Polysulfides & Polyethers

Thixotropic Require pressure to flow

Polyvinyl Siloxanes
Addition Reaction Silicone

Good dimensional stability Excellent elastic recovery Excellent dimensional accuracy Material of choice

Wax Spacer Removal

After border molding, remove wax spacer Do not dislodge border molding

Custom Trays
Smooth sharp surfaces of border molding or tray

Effect of Sharp Borders

Custom Trays
Place holes in tray to allow release of hydraulic pressure

Paint inside of tray & border molding Allow to dry 7-15 minutes

Final Impressions
Dry tissues with 2x2 gauze folded in cotton pliers

Tissue Rest
Leave dentures out 24 hours
Tissue recovery

Use low viscosity polyvinyl siloxane material

Use adhesive

Tray Insertion
Insert side of tray against commissure of mouth & rotating the tray into place while pulling outward on the commissure of the contralateral side

Final Impressions
Seat tray front to back - use gauze over holes in tray Ensure tray is centered & properly oriented
Subsurface Voids
Tech. A Dentist B C TOTAL 6 13 13

F-B 3 2 1 Even 4 3 6 B-F 6 4 3 __________________________ TOTAL 13 9 10


Tissue Manipulation
Maxilla Slight manipulation of cheeks, lips Patient moves mandible to side to side for maxillary impression

Tissue Manipulation
Mandible Hold tray in position & have patient:
Pucker lips Lift & move tongue forward & side to side

Impressions Videos
Final Impressions Two Mirror Impression Technique

Set Time
Most polyvinyl siloxane materials set within 6 minutes

Evaluating Impression Video

Post-palatal Seal
Compensates for polymerization shrinkage away from palate Enhances retention

Post-palatal Seal
Mark post-palatal seal with indelible stick Glandular area & vibrating line Place impression in mouth, line transfers to impression

Post-palatal Seal
Disinfect Refresh the line with new indelible stick Prescribe a mechanical post-palatal seal Pour impression in Type III stone (ie. Microstone)

Boxing Final Impressions


Superior hardness of cast surface Provides land area & preserves peripheral role Minimizes trimming

Trimming the Cast

Trimming the Cast

Land Area = 4mm Wide

Boxing Impression Video