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Optimizing image quality and providing comprehensive benchmarking is a hallmark of GE service.

Introducing IQVUE - for GE and non-GE vascular systems.

report. display. and archive IQ testing results • Implement a process for a comprehensive image quality program using these tools . and other devices to measure quality of ANY vascular system – without having to remove equipment covers • Create a software package to be used in conjunction with this IQ kit providing the capability to analyze.The Universal Image Quality Challenge • Produce a table top testing kit containing tools. phantoms.

Comprehensive Results • Total Image Quality Evaluation in a two hour test • Monitor Performance • Spatial & Mag Resolution • Low Contrast Detectability • Dynamic Image Resolution • Collimator Congruency • Image Receptor Field Size • Focus Uniformity • Brightness Uniformity • System Dynamic Range • X-ray Tube Performance • Fluoro & Record Dose Levels • Max R • Typical Fluoro (5R) • Digital and non-Digital • Custom Testing • Benchmarking .

Compatible With All OEMs • Standardized testing for the vascular industry • Software flexibility • OEM performance specs included GE Innova Philips Vascular Toshiba Vascular Siemens Vascular .

IQVUE Input and Reporting Software • OEM performance tables • Flexible structure • One touch reporting • Archiving • Dynamic and Report Analysis • Physicist data .

Variable Input and Report Format Selections Choose the data format you typically use .

Regulatory Dose Compliance •Verification of radiation dose calibrations • 10R maximum exposure limits • Half Value Layer • Fluoro and Record image receptor input doses • Patient typical fluoro dose • Table Pad radiation absorption factor .

including Riser Optical Loop Circle Phantom Dynamic range phantom II Sizing Phantom NEMA Central Plate Rotating spoke phantom Wellhofer Light Meter HVL aluminum kit Equipment Case Case "A" Case "B" Lead Markers 20 Standard 25 Standard 20 Maximum 25 Maximum BNC Adaptor Female to Female Connector 10' Video Cable w/ barrel connector 10' Extension Cord 20A HG Padlock (2) Combination Screwdriver Ruler Tape Measure w/ Bubble Level SAE & Metric Vascular Image Quality IQVUE Kit Contents .Mod.GEMS Healthcare Services Video Instruments .890 TPG w/cable Acrylic Blocks 1" Thickness (8) Acrylic Blocks 1/2" Thickness (4) Channel Adapter Curved table adapter Lead Beam Blocker Aluminum plates (2) Copper Plates (2) Test Stand.

GEMS Healthcare Services CIRS Model 801/ NEMA XR 21 PMMA Beam Attenuators Varying Patient Size Simulation Fixed Test Stand Typical (5R) Test Stand Dosimetry Probe Alignment Adapter Monitor Performance Test Beam Centering Geometric Table/Stand Alignment Filmless Congruency Test Image Size Test Focus Uniformity Test Brightness Uniformity Test Standard Spatial Resolution Test Magnified Spatial Resolution Test Low Contrast Detectability Dynamic Range Test Monitor Gamma Correction Motion Blur / Image Lag Test Testing. Analysis. & Reporting Software Carrying Case IQVUE Vascular Image Quality b b b b Optional b b b b b b b b b For technical information contact Paul Gerwin 888-262-8013 IQVUE is exclusively available through service contracts b b b b b b b Penetration test b b b b b b b b b Optional .