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 When we examine the reasons behind the rise of Stalin. there are TWO MAIN FACTORS RESPONSIBLE:  Stalin’s Cunning Personality     Stalin Outwitted His Rivals Stalin Pretended to have been Close to Lenin Made Alliances Used His Position as Secretary-General of the Party  Favourable  Circumstances Trotsky’s Weaknesses .

Trotsky. Grigory Zinoviev and Joseph Stalin. Kamenev and Zinoviev were much more capable than Stalin. Stalin managed to outwit them and claim leadership despite Lenin’s will criticising Stalin and naming Trotsky as a successor. there were four contenders to his place – Leon Trotsky.  When  Although . Lev Kamenev.1) Stalin Outwitted His Rivals Lenin died.


As a result. was able to outwit all his rivals because no one saw him as a threat to their rise in power.1) Stalin Outwitted His Rivals used Kamenev and Zinoviev to get rid of Trotsky before turning on Kamenev and Zinoviev in later years.  Stalin  Stalin . Stalin was able to use them against each other and rise to power.

2) Stalin Pretended to have been Close to Lenin  Stalin tricked Trotsky and made him miss Lenin’s funeral which reflected very badly on Trotsky.   . As a result of pretending to be close to Lenin. many party members supported Stalin’s rise to power. Stalin also organised Lenin’s funeral and made himself the chief mourner which gave people the impression he was very close to Lenin.


students and the Red Army.   . he did not bother to build a Party support base unlike Stalin.3) Trotsky’s Weaknesses  Stalin was also able to rise due to Trotsky’s weaknesses. Trotsky had a narrow support base limited to youths. As he was too confident of replacing Lenin. Stalin was more popular with the party members and was able to rise to power. As a result. He was not well liked in the Party and his views on world revolution were not popular as the Party members preferred the more practical Stalinist view of working on Socialism within the country first.


Once he had achieved his purposes. Stalin was able to rise within the party. With all these threats removed.   . Stalin turned on Kamenev and Zinoviev using other alliances and had them removed from the Party.4) Made Alliances  Stalin made alliances with Kamenev and Zinoviev to have Trotsky removed and exiled from Russia.


g. he was able to exert great influence on the Party members and get them to vote on his policies or initiatives (e. voting out of Trotsky in 1925). By controlling the central Party machine. As a result Stalin was able to rise in power because he was able to gain loyal supporters and influence the party to vote for decisions that would benefit him. ensuring their loyalty.   .5) Used his Position as Secretary-General  Stalin used his position as Secretary-General of the Party to appoint his supporters to important posts.

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