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Mary Joyce Saborrido-Teoxon, RMT, MD

Virus 
Virus – non-living; made of nucleic acid and protein coat; smaller than bacteria 1935 – Wendell Stanley crystallized Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) Infects tobacco Cause leaves to wither

 .

Characteristics of Viruses  No cytoplasm or organelles No metabolism or homeostasis No growth Need a host cell to reproduce .

) helix/icosahedro n/ complex .Characteristics of Viruses  Size and structure Capsid – protein coat surrounding virus. different shapes Ex.

Characteristics of Viruses  .

Characteristics of Viruses  .

Characteristics of Viruses   Size and Structure Envelope – found in some viruses. surrounds capsid. helps identify host cells Ex.) chickenpox and HIV .

Properties of enveloped viruses  .

Characteristics of Viruses  Size and Structure Naked – no envelope .

Properties of naked capsid viruses  .

Characteristics of Viruses  .

Characteristics of Viruses  .

Structure  .

Classification of viruses  DNA or RNA Single or double stranded genetic material Linear or circular genetic material Capsid Envelope .

virus assembled in nucleus HSV Varicella-Zoster Epstein-Barr Cytomegalovirus Hepatitis B Hepadna virus Adenovirus Parvovirus Papovavirus Partially dsDNA circular dsDNA linear ssDNA dsDNA circular dsDNA linear Yes*** Enveloped Nucleus No No No Naked Naked Naked Nucleus Nucleus Nucleus Adenovirus B-19 Papilloma Polyoma Variola Vaccinia Molluscum contagiosum Poxvirus Yes** Enveloped Cytoplasm .Virus Family DNA Type VirionAssocia ted Polymer ase No Envelope DNA Replicates in: Major Viruses Herpes virus dsDNA Enveloped (nuclear) Nucleus.

Viral Classification  DNA viruses are “HAPPY” virus: Herpes virus Hepadna virus Adenovirus Parvovirus Papovavirus Poxvirus .

Herpes virus Nuclear replication except Poxvirus IcosAhedral except Poxvirus .DNA Viruses: Viral Classification  Double stranded except Parvovirus Naked except Poxvirus. Hepadna.

RNA Viruses: Generalization  Most are enveloped. only naked ones are • • • Picornavirus Calicivirus Reovirus .

Some are segmented:   Reovirus – 10 segments  Orthomyxovirus – 8 segments  Bunyavirus – 3 segments  Arenavirus – 2 segments (ROBA sounds like ROBOT pieces) .

Mnemonic: (+) ssRNA: Call Pico and Flo To Come Rightaway  Calicivirus Picornavirus Flavivirus Togavirus Coronavirus Retrovirus .

Virus RNA Structure VirionAssociated Polymerase Yes Envelop e Shape Multiplies in Major Viruses Paramyx ovirus Ss (-) RNA Linear Nonsegmented Yes Helical Cytoplasm Mumps Measles Respiratory Syncytial Parainfluenza Rhabdovi rus Ss (-) RNA Linear Nonsegmented Ss (-) RNA Linear Nonsegmented Yes Yes Bulletshaped helical Cytoplasm Rabies Vesicular stomatitis Filovirus Yes Yes Helical Cytoplasm Marburg Ebola .

Ortho myxo virus Ss (-) RNA Linear 8 segments Yes Yes Helical Cytoplasm and Nucleus Influenza Bunya Ss(-) RNA virus Linear  Circular 3 segments Ambiense Arena virus Ss (-) RNA Circular 2 segments 1 (-) sense 1 ambiense Yes Yes Helical Cytoplasm California encephalitis La Crosse encephalitis Hantavirus Lymphocytic chorio-meningitis Lassa fever Yes Yes Helical Cytoplasm .