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Joyce Fitzpatrick by Gerile Ganal, RN

Joyce Fitzpatrick R.N., PhD, MBA, FAAN

Born in 1944 BSN - Georgetown University MS in psychiatric-mental health nursing - Ohio State University PhD in nursing - New York University and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing - 1981 Presently, Elizabeth Brooks Ford Professor of Nursing, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Background of the theory

She conceptualized her model from Martha Rogers' Theory of Unitary Human beings. question the failure of physical laws to explain evolution of life. capitalizes on knowledge from other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, astronomy, religion, philosophy, history and mythology.

About the Theory

a developmental model that proposes that the process of human development is characterized by rhythms the person is treated as an open, holistic, rhythmic system that can be best described by temporal motion, consciousness, and perceptual patterns.

Theoretical hypothesis

individuals experiencing crisis had difficulty integrating the present situation within their life perspective

Major Assumptions
"The process of human development is characterized by rhythms that occur within the context of continuous person-environment interaction." Nursing activity focuses on enhancing the developmental process toward health.

A central concern of nursing science and the nursing profession is the meaning attributed to life as the basic understanding of human existence. The identification and labeling of concepts allows for recognition and communication with others, and the rules for combining those concepts permits thoughts to be shared



includes both self and others. Person is seen as an open system , a unified whole characterized by a basic human rhythm. The model recognizes individuals as having unique biological, psychological, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual attitudes.


is a dynamic state of being that results from the interaction of person and the environment. 'a human dimension under continuous development, a heightened awareness of the meaningfullness of life. Optimum health is the actualization of both innate and obtained human potential gathered from rewarding relationships with others, goal directed behavior, and expert


Professional nursing is rooted in the promotion of wellness practices.

"A developing discipline whose central concern is the meaning attached to life (health) Primary purpose of nursing is the promotion and maintenance of an optimal level of wellness.


It refers to the transitions through basic metaparadigm concepts of person, environment, health and nursing.

Conceptual Framework