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DX 2000 Digital Exchange

Models of DX series
DX Small DX Large Max 72 Ports Max 256 Ports DXT Medium - Max 120 Ports DX Extra Large Max 504 Ports

Superior Design
Digital Communication switching system Advanced Technology based on PCM/TDM Advanced CMOS chips used to ensure optimum performance Open port architecture Distributed Power Supply

Seamless Migration
DX 2000 is a highly versatile system which suits the requirement of a Call Center, Hospital, hotel or large Corporate The systems are so designed that they provide seamless migration from 72 ports to 504 ports Modular in Design that is tailored to your current needs and is designed to grow with your business requirements

DX 2000 behaves similar to a CO/CENTREX Exchange. Supports Analog,Digital E1/PRI and ISDN lines.

Extends Polatiry reversal & 16 Khz for subscriber billing.

Intelligent enough to capture CLI

Unique Hotel Features

Integration with any standard PMS packages Check-In /Check-out through Console and HMS package Room Status (Dirty/Clean/Out of Service) Room Shifting Room Shifting with Bills

Temporary Chk In/Out

Coral Telecom Ltd An Indegenious

Unique Hotel Features

Guest name Display on Service phones even on Analog phones
DND Call Budgeting

Malicious call tracing

Private Line Room to Room barring

Coral Telecom Ltd An Indegenious

PLCC Interface
DX 2000 can be connected to PLCC equipment to provide communication over electrical transmission wires. DX 2000 has transit capabilities to setup private networks over geographically spread out electrical grids.

Computer Telephony Integration

Supports first party & third party interface

Empowered to capture CLI/DNI

Supports applications such as ACD/IVRS Voice Mail Integration using DTMF inband signalling

Integrates to standard PMS/HMS

Salient Features
Power on maintenance

Multi level DISA

Least Cost Routing Zone Paging

Mode Free Dial Bank

Call Budgeting 3/8/64 party Conference

ASMDR with Currency Billing


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