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Marketing of Services Group 2

Abhishek Jha (Roll No. 1) Dharmesh Verma (Roll No. 13) Mauli Bhatnagar (Roll No. 22) Krishna Kumar Bari (Roll No. 24) Saurabh Awasthi (Roll No. 40)

Trade & Merchandise Marks Act (1958)    . a logo. a label. Started by Kapil Varma and Sanjeev Bikhchandani The Trade Marks Scene In India A trade mark could be a brand name. a pack design or any other visual device.

34 Different product categories. Registration of a trade mark is not compulsory. Same Trade mark for different classes. Basic objective of distinguishing goods    .

. Fourth – Either Accepted or Advertised (For objection).Application Number.application can be made to the appropriate office of the Trade Marks Registry. (Heavy Rush & Time Consuming). Third .     The first stage is the stage of a trade mark search. Apply to the Registry for an assessment Second . Examination and Objection.

Huge volumes are provided including the pending applications. A fee of Rs 20 per hour is charged by Trade mark registry to use its library. In reality.    The offices are in all the four major metros. Registry offices at Calcutta and Bombay maintain this record. .

 Collecting Data from Registry’s Library.   Cross Checking searches. Digitalizing it. One Limitation – Searching Logos. Inputting and updating data.   .

Their model was expected to be: Economical Faster Reliable. Huge Dissatisfaction with current Trade Marks searching services.  - .

Rs 1000/search) . Companies applying for Trademarks without any search Trade Marks Registry itself. Companies providing services of conducting searches Hiring of Trade Mark attorneys Piggy Bank Data Services (In-house firm of Trade Marks Registry.      Manufactures not applying for Trade Marks.

 Two kind of clients Companies - - Trade Marks attorneys .

Trade Mark related services Legal Counseling.  - Trade Marks attorneys could have considered IndMark as competition. . Companies would have prefered one stop shop.

Cross Checking searches. Inputting data collected on electronic media. There were following services that IndMark had proposed to provide its clients: Collecting Data from Registry’s Library. Digitalizing it.65/input of trade mark. Identification of the remaining sets of Trade marks which did not claimed to be renewed would have reduced the Capital to be invested significantly. (Rs 0.) -  .