Column design as Per BS 8110-1:1997


Contents :     General Recommendations of the code Classification of columns Effective Length of columns & Minimum eccentricity Design Moments in Columns Design .

5. for steel 1.05 Concrete strength – CUBE STRENGTH Grades of steel Fe250 & Fe460 Primary Load combination 1.General Reco’s of the code         gm for concrete 1.6LL E of concrete Ec = 5.5√fcu/ gm 10% less than IS Ultimate stress in concrete 0.67fcu/ gm Steel Stress-strain curve – Bilinear E of steel 200 kN/mm2 .4DL+1.

1.If lateral stability to structure as a whole is provided by walls or bracing designed to resist all lateral forces in that plane. else – UNBRACED Cl.Classification of columns SHORT – both lex/h and ley/b < 15 for braced columns < 10 for unbraced columns else – SLENDER BRACED .5 .8.3.

05 x dimension of column in the plane of bending ≤ 20 mm . emin = 0.Effective length &minimum eccentricity Effective length le = ßlo ß – depends on end condition at top and bottom of column.

Contd.95fyAsc Nbal = 0.45fcuAc+0. Deflection induced moments in Slender columns Madd = N au where au = ßaKh ßa = (1/2000)(le/b’)2 K = (Nuz – N)/(Nuz – Nbal) ≤ 1 Nuz = 0.25fcubd Value of K found iteratively ..

4M1+0. . Design Moments in Braced columns : Maximum Design Column Moment Greatest of a) M2 b) Mi+Madd Mi = 0.Contd.6M2 c)M1+Madd/2 d) eminN Columns where le/h exceeds 20 and only Uniaxially bent Shall be designed as biaxially bent with zero initial moment along other axis..

Braced and unbraced columns .


Deflection of all UnBraced columns in a storey auav for all stories = Σ au/n . This stiffer joint may be the critical section for that column.Design Moments in UnBraced columns :The additional Moment may be assumed to occur at whichever end of column has stiffer joint.


4% Max Pt = 6%  .4fcuAc + 0.Design Moments in Columns Axial Strength of column N = 0.8 Ascfy Biaxial Bending Mx/h’≥ My/b’ Mx/h’≤ My/b’  Increased uniaxial moment about one axis Mx’ = Mx + ß1 h’/b’My My’ = My + ß1 b’/h’Mx Where ß1 = 1.N/6bhfcu (Check explanatory hand book) Minimum Pt =0.

vc’ = vc√(1+N/(Acvc) If v > vc’. Provide shear reinforcement If v ≤ 0.Shear in Columns  Shear strength vc’ = vc+0.6NVh/AcM To avoid shear cracks.8√fcu or 5 N/mm²    .

Design – Construction of Interaction Curve 0.0035 f1 d 0.67fcu/gm 0.5h h M 0.9x N f2 x e2 A1 d1 e1 A2 Section Stress Strain Distribution of stress and strain on a Column-Section .

45x)+f1A1(0.402fcubx + f1A1 +f2A2 M =0.5h-0.5h-d1)+f2A2(0.5h-d) f1 and f2 in terms of E and f1 = 700(x-d+h)/x f2 = 700(x-d)/x The solution of above equation requires trial and error method .402fcubx(0.Equilibrium equation from above stress block N = 0.