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Ravneet Singh Sourabh Verma Sankalp Pruthi Sukhwinder Singh Sukhdeep Singh

The message is that whatever we do today will have an impact on future generations. Its not just my kids or your kids or somebody elses. Its future generations. We should not hope that the walls we build to protect ourselves will be tall enough to protect our children. Only with very conscious effort we can make the world for them a better place to liveeven if we address our most selfish needs we have to address the needs of the next generation. Thats what CSR is about.

What is CSR?

CSR in Equation Form Is the Sum of:
Economic Responsibilities (Make a profit) Legal Responsibilities (Obey the law)

Ethical Responsibilities (Be ethical)

Historical Perspective
From the 1950s to the present the concept of CSR has gained considerable acceptance and the meaning has been broadened to include additional components

The shrinking role of government Demands for greater disclosure Growing investor pressure Competitive markets

There are actually two different types of corporate social responsibility to consider. The first one consists of corporations providing funding and resources for worthwhile social causes, such as donating money or employee time to charities. For many people, this is the definition used when thinking about corporate responsibility.

Another type of CSR involves putting together a real plan to produce products or provide services that are in the best interests of society. These include things like using safe materials in design and manufacture, corporate environmental initiatives, and other factors such as job creation and economic development.

Sustainable Development Corporate Citizenship

Triple Bottom Line

Business Ethics Sustainable Business Practices

Issues at NIKE

Reinventing Education Partnership programme Interactions and sharing of knowledge through a webbased technology - the Learning Village software. Culture of openness and sharing of good practice

A partnership with Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and its Breast Cancer Crusade has raised over 10 million pounds since its launch 12 years ago s Lead India campaign, campaign for contribution towards educating the poor

Tata Motors
Tata Motors has committed itself to improving the quality of life of communities by working on four thrust areas employability, education, health and environment. The company's support on education and employability is focused on youth and women. They range from schools to technical education institutes to actual facilitation of income generation.

Pedigree dog food built its brand by focusing on the need for people to adopt homeless dogs. Funding the support and care of these animals and sponsoring a national adoption drive, Pedigree's 2009 goal was to distribute $1.5 million in grants to 1,000 shelters and breed rescues. Pedigree donates one bowl of food to animal shelters every time it gets a Facebook fan, and it did the same when the company's 2009 Super Bowl commercial was viewed online. Pedigree's goal is to donate 4 million bowls of dog food, enough to feed every shelter dog in America for one day.

Blake Mycoskie started Toms Shoes on the premise that for every pair of shoes sold, one pair would be donated to a child in need. This innovative idea resulted from a trip to Argentina where Mycoskie saw an overwhelming number of children without shoes. Toms Shoes recognized that consumers want to feel good about what they buy, and thus directly tied the purchase with the donation. In just four years, Toms Shoes has donated more than 400,000 shoes, evidence that consumers have clearly embraced the cause.

ACC Limited
ACC has undertaken social volunteering practices almost from its inception, long before the term corporate social responsibility was coined. The companys earliest initiatives in community development date back to the 1940's in a village on the outskirts of Mumbai while the first formal Village Welfare Scheme was launched in 1952.

The community living around many of co.'s factories comprised the weakest sections of rural and tribal India with no access to basic amenities.

Increased productivity, Effective utilization of material and manpower resources and Continued application of modern scientific and managerial techniques, in keeping with the national aspiration; And the Company continues to be mindful of its social and moral responsibilities to consumers, employees, shareholders, society and the local community.

Aptech Limited, a leading education player with a global presence, has played an extensive and sustained role in encouraging and fostering education throughout the country since inception. As a global player with complete solutions-providing capability, Aptech has a long history of participating in community activities. It has, in association with leading NGOs, provided computers at schools, education to the underprivileged and conducted training and awareness-camps.