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By: Prabin Paudel

Michael Dell
Founder and CEO of Dell Inc.
Youngest person ever to head a Fortune 500 firm Currently serves as the chairman of the Board of

Directors and Chief Executive Officer.

Company background - Dell

Dell Inc. established in 1984 by Michael Dell
With a simple concept: by selling computer systems directly to


Business model expanded to include broader portfolio of products and

services, also added new distribution channels allow them to reach even more end-users around the world.

Operational regions: Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa

(EMEA); Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ). Global corporate headquarters is located in Round Rock, Texas.
people globally.

Dells sales totaled $61.5B in 2011 and employ approximately 103,300

Transformational Leadership Style

Effective form of leadership that causes change in individuals and organizations. Michael Dell ,a good leader not only to the people in his organizations but also to the suppliers and customers. Michael Dell exercises transformational leadership - he acts as a role model for his employees. Dell also listens to his employee and helps them to have a vision that contributes to the success of the company. Creates valuable and positive change for the employees with the end
goal of developing them into leaders

Tell Dell (a voluntary employee survey) - created the Soul of Dell

Leadership style(continued)

The Soul of Dell - focus on the customer, be open and direct in communications, be a good global citizen, and have a passion for winning and understanding and meeting the needs of their people
When success is achieved, it's greeted with 5 seconds of praise followed by 5 hrs of postmortem. what to be done better. To create another change in the technology world of competition. Problems should be dealt with quickly and directly, without excuses Employee have trust, admiration, loyalty and respect to Michael because of the qualities of the transformational leader who is willing to work harder The leader transforms and motivates employees through his idealized influence, intellectual stimulation and individual consideration.

Why I liked Dells leadership style

He knew his goal clearly and unwaveringly focused on it.
He had strong sense of innovation. He had full responsibility either for business or for family

and keeps good balance between work and life

Michael Dell had a powerful vision for the future and

developed unique businesss philosophy.

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