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Aditya Birla Group

Gagan Bhatia, Prof. Marketing

Gagan Bhatia, Prof. Marketing

V.Birla is Aditya Vikram Birla( A.  Shiv Narayan Birla started cotton trading operation in the small town of Pilani in Rajasthan.Birla) Gagan Bhatia.V.D.  Ghyanshyamdas Birla(GD birla)-1919-he set the manufacturing company.Introduction  Aditya Birla Group started at 1857. Marketing .M. Prof.Birla is Kumar Mangalam Birla (K.Birla)  Son of A.  Grandson of G.

A and MBA from London business school  At the age of 28 managing assets of  Rs.000 shareholders. Marketing .00.Kumar Mangalam Birla  Kumar Mangalam Birla is a chaiman of Aditya Birla group. Prof. Gagan Bhatia.  C. 16000 crores  It had a strength of 150000 employees and 6.

1 in viscose staple fibre The fourth largest producer of insulators The fourth largest producer of carbon black The 11th largest cement producer globally. Prof. Hindalco-Novelis is the largest aluminum rolling company. No. the seventh largest in Asia and the second largest in India Among the world's top 15 BPO companies Gagan Bhatia. among the world's most cost-efficient      aluminum and copper producers.Globally the Aditya Birla Group  A metals powerhouse. Marketing .

Prof.In India  A premier branded garments player  The second largest player in viscose filament yarn  Among the top five mobile telephony companies  A leading player in life insurance and asset management  Among the top three supermarket chains in the retail business Gagan Bhatia. Marketing .

Prof.Cement Gagan Bhatia. Marketing .

Marketing .Metals Gagan Bhatia. Prof.

Fibres/Textiles Gagan Bhatia. Prof. Marketing .

Garments Gagan Bhatia. Marketing . Prof.

Marketing . Prof.Financial Services Gagan Bhatia.

Prof. Marketing .TELECOM FERTILIZERs Gagan Bhatia.

 Many critics were opinion that “K.  In 1996 the market value of group’s four largest companies Grasim .M. Marketing .M.M.Birla decided to consolidate entire entire group’s companies under one umbrella of the “Aditya Birla Group”.Hindalco & Indo Gulf Fertilizer suddenly decreased by $1billion or 37%. Prof.Birla(the Reason For Change In Management Style)  After taking up the charge.V.M.Birla.Indian Rayon .his critics dismissed him as a soft and shy person. K.K. who lacked the business expertise and assertiveness of his father A. Gagan Bhatia.Birla was handed over the business from his father in 1995.Birla would unable to manage the group successfully”  When K.

 Subsequently about 400 young employees replaced them. had to quit the organization in the next five years. Prof. who were in their early 60s.on the basis of which around 325 senior employees. I had great respect for them personally. "people in the group about twice my age when I took over as chairman. but I also feel the need for change”. Marketing .answering the critics he said.Retirement Policy  He introduced a retirement policy in 1995.  Meanwhile . Gagan Bhatia.

M. Gagan Bhatia. Marketing . “The new corporate logo helped in bringing various companies of the group together.  K.Corporate Logo  In 1996. This helped the organization to reenergize and get started to the path of change”.  The group selected the rising sun as the logo. he launched for the first time a corporate identity that would serve a corporate logo. which signified optimism and served as a unification symbol for the group.Birla said. Prof.

 He hired professionals from other companies into his management team Gagan Bhatia.  In 1996. Marketing .he also made changes in group’s HR system.M.Birla also changed the group’s policy in house recruitment. Prof.Recruitment process  K.

Marketing .  Instead he decided to concentrate on non-ferrous metals as there was less competition and hindalco already had a big presence in the aluminum sector Gagan Bhatia.M. the strategic decision making for ensuring the best practices across the group companies.Birla decided to reduce the group’s dependence on fiber based business where its market share was low.M. Prof.Birla also established Aditya Birla Management Corporation Limited.  K.Change In Decision Making  K.

he issued each senior manager a six page letter mentioning the areas of improvement and his expectations.Birla introduced a 360 degree feedback program in 1999  Program permitted managers to raise questions over his leadership style. Gagan Bhatia. Marketing . Prof.360 Degree Appraisal  K.M. managerial ability and also personal traits & vice-versa  After the feedback.

Marketing .M. Prof.Scholarships To Students And Awards To Employees  In 1999 K.Birla launched the aditya birla scholarship to promote excellence among students community to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. Gagan Bhatia.  He also launched Aditya Birla awards in 1999 where corporate team achievements are recognized every year .

which measured the “Happiness at work” index.Happiness At Work  Birla had also implemented the organizational health survey by the late 1990s. This was carried out to track the employees satisfaction. Prof. Marketing . Gagan Bhatia.

Hierarchy Based On Performance Of Employees  Before K.  He instituted a performance appraisal system. Gagan Bhatia. the hierarchy in the group was determined by seniority instead of merit.  He decided to implement performance management systems. reviewed compensations and focused on training as a tool for development  He personally led the recruitment program from business schools. Marketing . Prof.Birla took the chairmanship.M.

Changes in reporting  He also brought about changes in reporting system being followed at the group. Prof. could report directly to K.  The top 20 executives of the group. thereby giving them complete freedom to run their businesses & holding them more accountable for their performance.Birla. Marketing . who had greater responsibilities in the group. Gagan Bhatia.M.

Gagan Bhatia. Marketing .Awards and Achievement  Kumar Mangalam Birla has won several honors.2003 by Business India  The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year .India in 2005. Prof. Major among them include  The Business Leader of the Year (2003) by The Economic Times  Business Man of the Year .

CSR Activities  Education  Healthcare & family welfare  Espousing social causes  Sustainable livelihood encompassing agriculture development  Women empowerment process Gagan Bhatia. Prof. Marketing .

THANK YOU Gagan Bhatia. Marketing . Prof.

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