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Chapter I Problem and its Background

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Introduction Background of the study Statement of the problem Objective of the study 1. General Objective 2. Specific Objective E. Significant of Study F. Scope & Limitation

• Includes purpose and reason behind the conduct of the study (What made you conduct to study?) Also serve as an Introduction .• The background information provides sufficient content to the reader so they can understand the purpose of the experiment. the design and the interpretation of the results.

client(s) is just paying the proper amount of the purchased items that the cashier calculated by using calculator for their computations. business establishments particularly small enterprises that regulates rules of paying for what you’ve been purchase commonly impose transaction (client or cashier transaction). This process is being done by several years and up to present . and display of the screen of the enterprise .Chapter I PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Normally. price of each item. In manual process. automated process automatically calculates the number of items. total item(s) purchased necessarily conducted. This kind of transaction is generally done it either manually or automated process. On the other hand.

Using the product scanner. The study will not cover the attendance monitoring of the cashiers and other employees of PNG General Merchandise more efficient and modernized In terms of cashier system and to provide an official receipt for their customers. . it easily scans the product code and display the product name and price. As the study continues it will be more effective as researchers provide a modernized and reliable.The study will cover the cashier system together with the reward points of the system. But how cashier system be more efficient and reliable? These are the main reasons why researchers decided to create a Cashier System applicable and capable to modernized the existing system of PNG General Merchandise.

modern companies in our country used proximity cards/access badges to maintain that only authorized employees enters the specific offices or floors of the building/company office. and by getting the jobs done also calculates the salary the employee will earn work working his/her head out. what if I just let somebody badge in my card to report for work? The company’s productivity will then be lessened by such kind of action of staff going to work and just sit around in front of the computer? Such issue made us come with the idea to make the company more productive by being able to monitor which staff worker is doing his/her job and which is not. Also. the access card will also serve as login to the computer the employee will use during the entire shift/office hours. But a gaping hole in this system is the ‘what ifs’ questions it needed answers for.Introduction Nowadays. This helps in ensuring the security of every room and offices of the company. what if the employee just went to work and do nothing?. The improvisation of such in the proposed system includes registering the proximity card the a certain employee and making it also a time card (for it tracks the time the employee went out of office and enters back in) and then computes the salary of the employees per cut-off based on the time he/she enter and leaves the building. The proposed system will be an improvisation of the standard proximity card (passive card) that only allows access to certain doors on a certain office/building. .

Other include a brief preview of the topic to discuss . and may include the broader description of the topic.BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Background of the study is the part of any research where in the particular topic is placed. This may contain the general description.

. we came up with the most efficient and effective way on how it can be organized and build a cashier system with Reward Points System.Sample BACKGROUND OF STUDY The researchers tried to capture on how a particular can be managed and engaged the basic needs and functional also together with Additional varied functions of the PNG General Merchandise. as researchers tend to do it.

cashier approach and Reward Points idea is very needed to be able to adapt to rapid increase of the development of the business. but they maintain and obtain unique features and systematize transactions that seem slow to implement with the use of this system. organize. This system will be very useful for the retail stores when requires accurate in their transactions to enhance stability and additional features.This will allow the cashier system of PNG General Merchandise to manage. . As of now the PNG General Merchandise keeps on increasing. and systematize.

Statement of the Problem • The main problem that the research is trying to solve. . It follows the formulation and should be faithful to it. It specifically points the important questions that the study need to answer.

may lead to bigger problems.Sample Statement of the problem Accurate and efficient management of sales is very crucial in such a way. if the one who is responsible for cashier handling and keeping the transaction failed to record or operate even single purchased item. The cashier transactions must often require right procedure .

Objective of the Study The expected outcome of the research .

At the end of the research. the following concerns about ABC Company's internal financial control will be addressed: 1. agency and resource-based theories imply the relationship of costbased strategy and cash flow to intermediary success. 3. A more strategic procedure to create financial budgeting details for control of monthly expenses and bank balance to change the present problem of the firm's bank balance instability. The extent by which a change in payment term and policy to customers and supplier factory can increase the cash flow and bring down bad debt. Development of operational expenses guide to control the operational costs of actual transactions .Objective of the study Sample The point is that ABC Company can financially support the planned expansion in particular and improve performance/ profitability in general through development of internal financial control system. Transaction cost. 2.

Objective of the study • Sample Provide a system that will automate sales and inventory management of the Metro Grocery Store. • • • Robust store management. To help the manager and the owners to track. To run a profitable operation. It will also make the cashier life more easier and the customer more trustworthy for the transaction that will be done in the business also assure the efficient service that the customer needed. sales inventory of the business. which typically means increasing revenue while limiting expenses. Enable the system for seamless deployment on store expansion Implement a low-cost and highly available system to cover store operations while minimizing downtime. • . recording. the inventory sales update the regular report of the daily transactions and maintenance of the system program. with centralized data management for all store management. In this way the owners will able to maintain monitoring of transactions that count. including automated sales and inventory tasks.

Significant of the Study • Why conduct the study? You have to identify who will benefit the research and how they will be benefitted. .

. The program will contain module like sales information of different categories.Significant of the study Sample The significance of the study is to design an automated cashier system with rewards and to enhance the capability and the ability of researchers to create a system which allow the cashier to manage the transaction and record sale for PNG General Merchandise.

Scope & Limitations • Determine the coverage of the study and all the things that it will not cover in order to be specific. and limitation of your system. .

* The propose system will use database management system and Visual Studio 2010 as the backend server for the system/program. .Scope and Limitations Sample * The study focuses on the Cashier System and Rewards management for PNG General Merchandise in order to help the Cashiers and Management in organizing the business sales transaction.