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Presented by: Chinmaya Garnaik. Regd No:1201247064

 Not .DEFINITION  Platform skills is normally how an individual presents himself on the stage and addresses a sizeable audience. but how they are put in front of the audience is equally important. just facts.

DELIVERY METHOD There are four delivery methods:  Memorized delivery: a presentation that is written ahead of time. .  Extemporaneous delivery: a presentation planned.  Impromptu delivery: being called on to speak without prior notice.prepared.and rehearsed but not written in detail. memorized & recited verbatim.  Manuscript delivery: writing the speech word for word and reading it to the audience.

fluent and pleasant speech. .VOCAL QUALITIES To maximize our vocal strengths.  Articulation: involves smooth. we need to focus on three important qualities:  Phonation: involves the production and the variation of the speaker’s vocal tone. stress. and intonation. rhythm.  Pronunciation: involves using principles of phonetics to create accurate sounds.

It should vary to hold the audience’s attention. . The rate should vary with the demand of the situation. EXAMPLE. VOLUME: refers to the loudness of tones. and sadness in lower pitch. It rises and falls to reflect emotions.fear and anger are reflected in higher pitch. RATE: is the speed at which words should be spoken.FACTORS OF PHONATION    PITCH: is the highness or lowness of the voice.

 Dress appropriately.  Practice the introduction & conclusion.  Practice.  Prepare effective support tools.  Practice displaying presentation visuals. but do not rehearse.DELIVERY STYLE BEFORE THE PRESENTATION:  Prepare thoroughly. .

 Keep within the time limit.  Use your visuals effectively.  Handle questions from the audience.  Refine gestures. and enthusiasm for the presentation.  Exercise strong vocal qualities.  Deal with nervousness.  Smile genuinely throughout the presentation. warmth. .DELIVERY STYLE DURING THE PRESENTATION:  Communicate confidence.  Steady eye contact with the audience.  Positive body language.

.  Distribute handouts.DELIVERY STYLE AFTER THE PRESENTATION:  Be prepared for the question & answer period.  Use questions to encourage audience participation.


Don’t allow one person to keep on asking questions. . Don’t argue . Listen for both content and intent. Support your answer with evidence and data. specifically. and briefly. Acknowledge the question.TIPS FOR ANSWERING QUESTIONS       Answer clearly.