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Personality and Consumer Behavior


Personality and The Nature of Personality • The inner psychological characteristics that both determine and reflect how a person responds to his or her environment • The Nature of Personality: – Personality reflects individual differences – Personality is consistent and enduring – Personality can change .

Theories of Personality • Freudian theory – Unconscious needs or drives are at the heart of human motivation • Neo-Freudian personality theory – Social relationships are fundamental to the formation and development of personality • Trait theory – Quantitative approach to personality as a set of psychological traits .

Freudian Theory • Id – Warehouse of primitive or instinctual needs for which individual seeks immediate satisfaction • Superego – Individual’s internal expression of society’s moral and ethical codes of conduct • Ego – Individual’s conscious control that balances the demands of the id and superego .

Freudian Theory .

intuitive. high expectations. Tortilla chips Perfectionist. contemplative. . may over commit to projects. punctual. shy. easily bored with same old routine. plans ahead. Cheese curls Conscientious. Pretzels Lively. principled. flirtatious. Snack crackers Rational.Snack Foods and Personality Traits • • • • • • • • • • • Snack Foods -Personality Traits Potato chips Ambitious. may appear rigid but has great integrity. responsible. high achiever. loves order. logical. proper. prefers time alone. fair. successful. conservative. impatient with less than the best.

Neo-Freudian Personality Theory • Social relationships are fundamental to personality • Alfred Adler: – Style of life – Feelings of inferiority • Harry Stack Sullivan – We establish relationships with others to reduce tensions • Karen Horney’s three personality groups – Compliant: move toward others – Aggressive: move against others – Detached: move away from others .

any distinguishing.Trait Theory • Focus on measurement of personality in terms of traits • Trait . relatively enduring way in which one individual differs from another • Personality is linked to broad product categories and NOT specific brands .

Soup and Soup Lover’s Traits • Chicken Noodle Soup Lovers – – – – – – – – – – Watch a lot of TV Are family oriented Have a great sense of humor Are outgoing and loyal Like daytime talk shows Most likely to go to church Passionate about reading Love pets Like meeting people for coffee Aren’t usually the life of the party • Tomato Soup Lovers .

Soup and Soup Lover’s Traits • Vegetable/Minestrone Soup Lovers – – – – – Enjoy the outdoors Usually game for trying new things Spend more money than any other group dining in fancy restaurants Likely to be physically fit Gardening is often a favorite hobby .

Personality and Understanding Consumer Behavior Consumer innovativeness Dogmatism Social character Need for uniqueness Optimum stimulation level Variety-novelty seeking Sensation seeking .