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Teclo Networks

Optimizing TCP over Mobile Broadband

30% higher throughput
Sean Hinde

Mobile Broadband doesn’t work well enough User Experience: • Hanging web page loads • Inconsistent throughput • “Reload” button addiction Radio NW Core NW Mobile Broadband Internet .

Reducing the problems Improve Coverage: • Fill in coverage holes • Tune radio network parameters Increase capacity: • New infrastructure • Upgrade/change technology • Transmit less data (compress/cache) Radio NW Core NW Mobile Broadband Internet .

Internet and TCP/IP built for fixed lines Radio NW: • Lost packets: Normal • Long /variable round trip time: Normal • Slow start: Waste of allocated channel Internet: • Lost packets: Congestion. back off • Long /variable round trip time: Multiply timers • Slow start: Safe way to set up connections Radio NW Core NW Mobile Broadband Internet .

Teclo Sambal 30% higher throughput Even on a well-optimized network! .

Teclo Sambal – a ”bridge” between NW’s TCP/IP otimized for radio TCP/IP otimized for internet Teclo Sambal Radio NW Core NW Mobile Broadband Internet .

Core network integration example Sambal inline with fibre or copper bypass Mobile Network Mobile i/f Internet i/f Internet Core Network Router Firewall .

3 Seconds .Effect of packet losses on TCP Short period of packet loss 13.5 Seconds Short period of packet loss 5.

Teclo Sambal vs Base 3G network Density Througput .

Benefits from Sambal Deployment To Subscriber: • • • • Fewer hanging sessions Faster browsing More consistent service Higher satisfaction To Operator: • • • • Reduced Channel Element usage Push congested links harder Improved ”coverage” Reduced costs Radio NW Core NW Mobile Broadband Internet .

3G core network with Sambal Standard terminal software • No modifications to the PC or phone • No modifications to the dongle • No changes to your provisioning Install inline / via BPR • Easy installation • Failsafe operation Standard OA&M system • Juniper compatible CLI • Feed counters and alarms into your monitoring system • Almost no training needed for your personnel Teclo Sambal Standard Hardware • HP DL380 (2*6 cores) rack mounted server(s) • 10Gb optical network cards or multiple 1Gb ethernet cards • Add this server to your SLA No compression • No changes to what is downloaded at all • Combine compression with Teclo Sambal to combine acceleration effects .

(including AAA servers and WAP 2. Africa. the Middle East.Management Team – Teclo Networks Jane Walerud – CEO Jane is a telecoms executive and entrepreneur.Chief Scientist • • • – Research spanning the fields of computing. During the last ten years. Sean Hinde – Sales and Marketing • • T-Mobile UK: Managed in house design team for Mobile Broadband core nodes. who has developed: – – – internet acceleration devices at Alteon Websystems wireless internet systems at Nortel Networks sophisticated GSM applications at Synapse Mobile Networks Luke is also a prominent member of the Common Lisp and Erlang technical communities. Intelligent Network services. Christophe Rhodes . statistics and high-energy physics Doctoral work on speculative cosmology which forms part of the European Space Agency's Planck mission Subsequent work includes enhancements to programming language technology . and Value Added Services.CFO Michael is an international finance professional and a member of the ACCA. Switzerland and South Africa. Jane has worked as an executive and business angel in high tech start-ups Michael Hafen . Australia. with experience from Ericsson and Telia as well as Bluetail (a telecoms supplier acquired by Nortel in 2000). Luke Gorrie . Asia and North America and spent a substantial amount of time in the UK.Founder and CTO Luke is a seasoned networking products developer.0 proxies) Synapse Mobile Networks: Value Added applications Sean has almost 25 years experience from both the operator and supplier sides of the telecommunications industry in Network Planning. He has worked in Europe. Australia.

. 2. Just get a license. Real Sambal implementation Going from a Sambal trial to a real Sambal implementation is very easy. Trial You can have a Sambal trial up and running in a couple of weeks. 3. Ramp up Start in small scale and ramp up in a pace which suits you.Getting started – implementation steps 1.

Training Personnel IP Network Design Team Network Monitoring Team One full day of on-site training Sambal commands User Interface is Juniper-style Configuring Sambal Sambal in your network Routing traffic to Sambal Counters. alarms. and log files Sambal in your monitoring system Recommended actions on alarms Documentation Command Reference Guide Hardware Dimensioning Guide Sambal integration in your network .

as specified in the SLA .Service Level Agreement Fault Hardware failure Response Usual hardware service contract If a new machine must be installed. as specified in the SLA 24*7 support with 1 hour response with remote access. Unknown Software 24*7 support with 1 hour response with remote access. call in our support.

a bridge between core and radio networks • Tested in 30 networks – 10-50% TCP acceleration • Faster Mobile Broadband improves your business – Less customer churn .Summary • Internet and TCP/IP built for fixed lines • Teclo Sambal .higher profits – Fewer complaints to customer service .higher profits .lower costs or – More customers on the same infrastructure .

Teclo Sambal 30% higher throughput easy and fast implementation low risk .