Roger Anderson External Fixator (RAEF)  For comminuted fracture of the long bone

Delta Frame External Fixator  For fracture of proximal/distal tibia

Spanning External Fixator  For fracture of the femur extended to tibia

Hoffman's External Fixator  For pelvic affection (ex. hip dislocation)

Hybrid External Fixator  For periarticular fracture of the ankle or knee joint

Compression Hip Screw Fixator  For intertrochanteric fracture of the femur

Buttress Plate / T-plate  For fracture of the proximal 3rd of tibia

Bipolar Hip Prosthesis: Total Hip Replacement Arthroplasty  For replacement of femoral head, neck and ACETABULUM

Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis: Partial Hip Replacement Arthroplasty  For replacement of femoral head and neck

Intramedullary nails  For fracture of middle 3rd of femur/long bone

Intramedullary nail extractor  For removal of intramedullary nails

Antibiotic beads  For osteomyelitis (therapeutic effect); For plating IMN, and all types of internal and external fixators (prophylactic effect)

Hemovac  For collection of drainage under negative pressure

Gigli saw  For amputation

Spacer antibiotic  For replacement of infected hip prosthesis

Total Knee Arthroplasty Prosthesis  For fracture of patella With femoral and tibial component Ex. osteoarthritis of knee

Crutchfield Tong For upper dorsal cervical spine affection Inserted at parietal area

Steinmann Pins  For fracture of femur and hips for BST

Osteotome (Chisel)  Used for obtaining bone chips for spinal fusion. For scraping dead or necrotic bone. For iliac bone graft

Ilizarov External Fixator  For comminuted fracture; Non-union; Malunion; Bone lengthening; Both upper and lower extremities

Skin stapler  To hold skin edges together

Lower Limb

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