TRAINING 8/11/2013 .2 A GENDA      Introduction to Oracle Oracle 11g R2 Installation Oracle DB configuration with Integrity DB Cloning Database performance and Tuning ORACLE 11G R2 .

TRAINING 8/11/2013 . ORACLE 11G R2 .3 I NTRODUCTION  Oracle is an object-relational database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. A database server is the key to solving the problems of information management    A database server also prevents unauthorized access and provides efficient solutions for failure recovery. Oracle database is a collection of data treated as a unit.

such as tables and indexes. ORACLE 11G R2 . so work is never lost.dbf)  The datafiles contain all the database data.  Control Files (*. then the changes can be obtained from the redo log.ctl)  A control file contains entries that specify the physical structure of the database such as Database name and the Names and locations of datafiles and redo log files. The data of logical database structures.  Redo Log Files (*.TRAINING 8/11/2013 . If a failure prevents modified data from being permanently written to the datafiles. is physically stored in the datafiles allocated for a database.4 P HYSICAL  STRUCTURE Datafiles (*.log)  The primary function of the redo log is to record all changes made to data.

One data block corresponds to a specific number of bytes of physical database space on disk. Schema objects include structures like tables.  Schema Overview  A schema is a collection of database objects.5 L OGICAL S TRUCTURE  Tablespaces  A database is divided into logical storage units called tablespaces. views. which group related logical structures together. and indexes.  Oracle Data Blocks  At the finest level of granularity. Schema objects are the logical structures that directly refer to the database's data. One or more datafiles are explicitly created for each tablespace to physically store the data of all logical structures in a tablespace. Oracle database data is stored in data blocks. 8/11/2013 . The standard block size is specified by the DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter. A schema is owned by a database user and has the same name as that user.

The combination of the background processes and memory buffers is called an Oracle instance. a system global area (SGA) is allocated and Oracle background processes are started.6 O RACLE I NSTANCE  An Oracle database server consists of an Oracle database and an Oracle instance. Users currently connected to an Oracle database share the data in the SGA. The System Global Area (SGA) is a shared memory region that contains data and control information for one Oracle instance.  8/11/2013 . Every time a database is started.

Configure your C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file.7 O RACLE 11 G R2 I NSTALLATION  Make sure you have at least 3 GB of memory on your Windows PC.0_4) for Oracle SQL Developer.6. or that you can allocate 4 GB of memory to your virtual machine Install Oracle’s SJDK and run time for Java 6 or 7 on Windows 7 . Disable Microsoft’s User Access Controls (UAC). 8/11/2013     . Install Java 6 SDK 32-bit version (at least SJDK 1.

html  The Oracle Database 11g Release 2 files are broken down into two zip files on the Oracle site.oracle. 8/11/2013 .com/technetwork/database/ windows/downloads/index-093848. and then expand them into an installation directory.8  Download oracle from the link: http://www. That means you need to download both files.

Choose this option if you are installing on a server class system. You can uncheck the box if you don’t want updates via Oracle Support Services. This option allows for more advanced configuration options.9  Provide an email address for security updates no matter what. 8/11/2013  .  Create and configure a database -Choose this option to create a new database along with sample schemas. Server Class .

and the instance associated with the database is identified by an Oracle System Identifier (SID)    8/11/2013 .10  Select the type of database installation you want to perform and click Next. Select the type of installation you want to perform and click Next. Specify Database Identifiers A database is identified by a Global Database Name. and then click Next. Select the type of database that you want to create during the installation.

11 C REATING O RACLE DB  The connecting user requires the following system privileges: CREATE PROCEDURE. CREATE VIEW. those files are overwritten and you are not be able to access any of your existing applications.   back up the tnsnames. 8/11/2013 . and CREATE TABLE. DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.ora and sqlnet. CREATE SEQUENCE.ora files of your existing applications. Execute permission on the following system packages: DBMS_AQADM. DBMS_AQ. DBMS_JAVA. DBMS_LOCK. CREATE TYPE. If you do not.

alter system set open_cursors=300 scope=spfile SID='orcl'.12 • Increase open_cursors initialization parameter from 300 (default) to 2500. CREATE TABLESPACE integrity10tbs DATAFILE AUTOEXTEND ON MAXSIZE 800M. 8/11/2013 . To create oracle DB    • • Create new Tablespace to contain Integrity Data ALTER SYSTEM SET DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST = 'F:/Oracle11gR2/oradata'.

CREATE TABLE. Set the default tablespace for the newly created user to the tablespace name created in step 1.13   Create new user login name CREATE USER integrityuser IDENTIFIED BY mks123. 8/11/2013  . GRANT CREATE PROCEDURE. CREATE TYPE. CREATE SEQUENCE TO integrityuser. CTXAPP TO integrityuser.   GRANT CONNECT.

14  Grant the following object privileges to the newly created user: SELECT on CTXSYS.CTX_INDEXES     EXECUTE on DBMS_LOCK EXECUTE on DBMS_AQ EXECUTE on DBMS_AQADM 8/11/2013 .–11.1–11.2.TRAINING 8/11/2013 .0.7 (patchset as of September 2008) Oracle Database 11g Release 2: 11.0.3 (patchset as of September 2011)  ORACLE 11G R2 .15 S UPPORTED  VERSION Oracle Database 11g Release 1: 11.0.0.

16 DB C LONING ORACLE 11G R2 .TRAINING 8/11/2013 .

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