The Multidimensional Data Model

Introduction to MDDM   The multidimensional data model is an integral part of On-Line Analytical Processing. or OLAP. .  MDDM provide both a mechanism to store data and a way for business analysis.  Why was MDDM Developed??  The Dimensional Model was Developed for Implementing data warehouse and data marts.

COMPONENTS OF MDDM  The two primary component of dimensional model are Dimensions and Facts. .  Facts:.Numeric volume to analyse business.  Dimensions:.Texture Attributes to analyses data.

What are all these??   What is Multidimensional Data?  What is this Data. and Dimensions we are talking about??? .

2 -23.1 3.7 8.9 8.1 4.3 0.4 7.7 1.5 41.5 -1.5 25. clothing and footwear Household goods stores Other stores Non-store retailing 100 17.0 11.9 9.6 -0.7 27.7 .2 14.Example:  Category Weight All retailing All food All non-food Department stores Textile.3 41.5 1.3 1.3 Year on Contribution year to year on year growth % growth % points 8.7 -6.

How is this data arranged? DATA CUBE DIMENSIONAL MODEL   Data is grouped or combined together in multidimensional matrices called Data Cubes.  In Two Dimension : Ex: row & Column or Products & Regions. .

products and fiscal quarters.  . In Three Dimension:-  Regions.

and pivot. roll up.Operations in Multidimensional Data Model:  • • • • slice and dice. drill down. .

Slice:   Slice is the act of picking a rectangular subset of a cube by choosing a single value for one of its dimensions.[5] . creating a new cube with one fewer dimension.

.Dice:   The dice operation produces a sub-cube by allowing the analyst to pick specific values of multiple dimensions.

.Drill Down/Up   allows the user to navigate among levels of data ranging from the most summarized (up) to the most detailed (down).

For example.  Pivoting could replace products with time periods to see data across time for a single product. cities could be arranged vertically and products horizontally while viewing data for a particular quarter.Pivot   allows an analyst to rotate the cube in space to see its various faces.[5 .

 .

which dimensions and attributes make the data meaningful.Why is MDDM important??   Because…. .  Analysts know which business measures they are interested in examining.OLAP implements Multidimensional Data model. and how the dimensions of their business are organized into levels and hierarchies.  MDDM also provides faster ways of data retrieval .  The simplicity of the model is inherent because it defines objects that represent real-world business entities.

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