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Creating an Effective Community Relations Program

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Maureen Rich The Edison Group

Spotlight on Community Relations
• Companies are starting to get it – conscience isn’t just trendy, it’s necessary • ―Sustainable development plans‖ are becoming commonplace • No one wants to be Martha, Enron, etc. • The Bonus: Doing good = Good for business

– 69% were reviewing or revising ethics programs or their corporate-governance process . companies – 70 percent had no broad-based sustainability program in place yet.S.A Gradual Shift • PriceWaterhouseCoopers 2002 Sustainability Survey Report – 140 U.

Top 10 Reasons Companies Are Getting Involved Competitive Advantage (75%) Cost Savings (73%) Industry Trends (62%) CEO/Board Commitment (58%) Customer Demand (57%) SRI Demand (42%) Top-line Growth (37%) Shareholder Demand (20%) Access to Capital (12%) PriceWaterhouseCoopers .

In Their Own Words • • More than 7 of 10 Americans say they distrust CEOs of large corporations 80 percent of surveyed CEOs agree non-financial indicators such as environmental and social performance metrics are essential to characterizing future financial performance – Business Week 70 percent of investors consider reputation in their decisions – Citizen watch • 91 percent of surveyed CEOs believe CSR management creates shareholder value – Managing CSR Report • .

Baseline Basics • • • • • Determine Goals Establish Protocol & Criteria Get Everyone Involved Incorporate PR Elements Establish a Metrics System .

Determine Goals • What Do We Want Program/Involvement to Accomplish? – – – – Reposition company Raise CEO profile Get more press coverage in X community Establish company as a resource  Community  Media  Government reps – Target a specific audience  Latino community  Teens  Elderly/baby boomers with aging parents .

Establish Protocol & Criteria • Establish a process/protocol • Decide how to respond to requests – Relevance: What are our criteria for getting involved? – Budget: What are our constraints? – Always ask: Will fulfilling this request help us fulfill our goal/mission? • Determine level of involvement up front – but get involved! – Be more than a name in a press release – be visible – Provide resources or planning support if possible – Consider pros.and long-term benefits . cons to partnerships • Weigh short.

comp day for day spent volunteering) Create team-oriented events • Volunteer programs • Sponsorships that foster teamwork • Fundraisers • Prepare employees for events – Identify spokespersons (bilingual) – Ensure consistent messaging .g. participation from the top down Get departments involved Provide incentives (e.Get Everyone Involved • Encourage employee involvement – – – – Show enthusiasm..

e.. not donation Offer solutions to timely problems Have local stories ready . media) cares • • • • Offer compelling stories beyond ―Company writes check‖ Put spotlight on subject.Incorporate PR Elements Remember: • • • Don’t do CR for the PR… But leverage CR in ways that maximize PR potential Don’t lose your mission! But don’t forget: not everyone (i.

annual bases • Characteristics of a ―good‖ metric: – – – – – – Measurable Easy Timely Repeatable Insightful Controllable • Pay attention to the data. don’t just tally — measure .Establish a Metrics System • Establish goals • Understand your impact on quarterly.

Effective CR the SoCal Way A ’70s icon… …combined with the right strategy! .

Case Study: 21st Century Insurance When the ’70s Icon Becomes Part of the Strategic Solution • Situation Five Years Ago: – 21st Century Insurance was a leading California auto insurer – Heavily involved philanthropically but without strategic direction – Virtually no press coverage for any goodwill projects • Goals: – Continue philanthropy but with a more targeted approach – Raise 21st’s profile… and get press coverage for their goodwill efforts! .

PR Campaign Elements • • • Child safety seat program (targeting key demo) – Educate parents on state law. proper use Unprecedented law enforcement partnership – California Highway Patrol Spokesperson Erik Estrada – CHiPs connection – Appeals to parent age group – Appeals to Latino community • State-specific. free educational materials – ―Child Safety Seats: A Parent’s Guide‖ – Now in six states. in English and Spanish .

easily accessible. highly visible site (e. installation and use • 21st employees staff event to assist • If seat isn’t right.Logistics • 21st secures a large.g. mall parking lot) • CHP officers set up multiple inspection tents • Families arrive with children in vehicles • Trained officers inspect existing seat for proper fit.. 21st donates brand-new seat .

Community Outreach • The Edison Group handles all event promotion • Fliers distributed in English. Spanish – – – – – Local child care centers Churches Schools Key community groups Event site .

Media Outreach • Pre-Event Promotion – PSAs – Calendar listings – Morning of event media • Law enforcement officer. family. from police to family to corporation • Why are we involved? • Every officer. Erik Estrada provide live demo on-air • On-Site Media Relations – Setting the scene • Great visuals – Providing arc of story. 21st spokesperson has a story .

. spokesperson – Spanish spokespersons – Talking points – Collateral materials • Press kit.g. bilingual guides • B-roll package • Leveraging the Message – Local. state or national events (e. Nat’l Child Passenger Safety Week) • Op-eds • Silver-platter events .PR in a CR Program • Message Delivery – Media training for company reps.

700 seats discarded More than 5.200 seats inspected More than 2.800 seats donated by 21st Key States/DMAs Media Industry Web We’ve helped raise company’s profile within: .Results by the Numbers Since the 21st Century Insurance Child Safety Seat Program began: • • • • • • • • More than 60 events conducted More than 7.

’05 • ..Child Safety Seat Campaign Highlights • 21st continues to distinguish itself through partnerships with state law enforcement and elected officials – In 2005. add legitimacy and increase news value All 35 child safety seat events in 2005 garnered media coverage 250 200 150 100 50 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 # of hits Child Seat Campaign Media Hits ’02 .g. OH & TX – Continued success in CA and IL • These partnerships and collaborations with Industry Associations (e. successful launches in AZ. IIHS). IN.

The Edison Group Mission Statement To help our clients communicate successfully by thinking smarter. . working passionately and keeping our promises.

Creating an Effective Community Relations Program Presented by Maureen Rich The Edison Group .