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Globalisation – The

Welcome to our presentation on
Globalisation, in which we will discover and
find all about Globalisation and the BBC Box.
The BBC box is a project founded by the BBC
to show people the effects of Globalisation
and how it affects people in less-developed
countries. The BBC have cleverly acquired a
steel container in which, they have placed a
transponder so they know what is happening
Location Map START


Click on blue and red boxes to find out where the

box has been.
In Britain, the
box’s journey began
in Greenock in
Glasgow; there it is
driven down (with a
cargo of scotch
whiskey) to
Southampton. The
cargo of whiskey
headed out for
shanghai and this is
where it began its
journey around the
world on its sea-born
journey to discover

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The Suez Canal is a trade route (built in
1869) that lifts the weight off merchants backs
by taking a shortcut through Africa. This is also Suez
an advantage to us, as costs for certain
luxuries (such as oil) are kept low. The box was
taken down this route with a heavy cargo, but Canal
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with a risk of pirate boarding, that have been a
growing problem in this area of the world. Map
Los Angeles was the
next stop on this journey
through the world, after
arriving in Shanghai, the
box has a fresh new cargo
of beauty supplies and
gardening tools. So far,
the box has encountered
pirates in Somalia and
fought against Typhoons
in the South China Sea.
There is a strong bond
between America an Asia
for various supplies and
products. Sometimes, the
containers would be filled

with cars to take them

ANGELES Return to
New York is well known for its
height in technology and amazing
skyline, but also for its massive
businesses and corporations; this
too helps to spread the new cargo
around America. From Los Angeles,
the rest of the box’s cargo was
distributed around America so the
rest of the Cargo can be shipped
around the world. It is also sent to
New York because their port is
closer to the location it is being

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Brazil! This is the next stop for our journey and we’re in the area of
Santos. The BBC sent this here for two reasons:
•To make a shorter route through to China
•To distribute the rest of the cargo
Many companies will do this just for more business (so they can sell
more stock), sometimes, the local people will make some various
items to fill the box up that bit more. Here, it has been refilled with Car
Parts and Monosodium Glutamate (addicting chemical put in food).

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In Singapore, many container boxes are
sent here to be refilled with goods. This is
the last stop before unloading the whiskey Singap
at Shanghai. Boxes are stopped to check the
cargo of the containers and when passed,
the Customs officers will allow them into ore
their territory. Officers were surprised to find
whiskey in the BBC box as they were
expecting it to have already been dropped
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At the next stop, Shanghai, the box drops off its first
cargo, the Scotch Whiskey. There would be no point of
travelling with the box empty, so the box exchanged its load
for a new one, beauty products and gardening supplies. This
has then travelled a short way over to the East for a quicker
route, fitted with the newest technology to prevent pirate
raids in the pirate hotspot of South China. After the brief
encounter with pirates, the box is soon free to move on to
America, a large consumer agency.

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This is the current location of the box, still containing the
Monosodium Glutamate and Car parts from Brazil. Presumably, they
have stopped here due to the area’s unique exchanging point of
cargos from around the world. This seems more likely than other
explanations as this has happened previously and if this is the last
stop, then they still have to contain some sort of cargo. Where is it
going next, nobody knows, this is one of the great mysteries of
Globalisation – you never know its next destination...

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By Alex Davis and Euan

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