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Challenges • Building a global team face additional challenges compare with building a domestic team .

.Why Global Business Team(GBT) Fail? • The inability to cultivate trust among team members  Trust is very important.  Difficult to cultivate trust because GBT members are from different country: did not share similarities and can’t communicate often.

) • Hindrances to Communication  Geographical Barriers Different time zone.Why Global Business Team(GBT) Fail? (Cont. conflict schedule: Face-to-face meeting is difficult to arrange as face-to-face meeting is very important to cultivate trust .

assumptions and behavior in a group. norms.Why Global Business Team(GBT) Fail? (Cont. . This maybe cause a misunderstanding and creative solution can be diminished.)  Language Barriers Inability to understand what other members are saying.  Cultural Barriers Different value.

Team charter should be define correctly through discuss the team’s agenda in meeting. . 2.Defining the Team Charter • Team charter very important in a GBT 1. 3. Charter can be clearly understood through arrange a face-to-face meeting to iron out any doubts in the team charter. Charter can be framed correctly through framed it based on company’s vision and mission.

The question of diversity 2.Choosing Team Members 1. The ideal team size  Ensure the required knowledge and skill base with the smallest number of people. .

greater need for an external coach Select a senior level executive in the company who is concern about the success of the team to encourage interaction between members c.) 3. Choosing an effective team leader • Must manage team effectively b. The selection of team leadership a. Selecting a GBT sponsor • . Determining the need for an external coach • More complex and challenging task.Choosing Team Members (Cont.

Managing Team Process A. • Language and culture Invest in language education and cross-cultural training can reduce the need for translators Establishing ground rules that reflect desired norms of behavior and keep the team operating as an integrated whole ii. Agreeing on norms of behavior • . Overcoming Communication Barriers i.

) iii. Rotating meeting locations • Enrich the cognitive base of the team . Adopting data-driven decisions • All discussion must made based on facts and data because discussion without any facts and data may cause personal attacks iv.Managing Team Process (Cont. Developing alternatives to enrich the debate v.

Cultivating a culture of trust i.) B. Scheduling face-to-face meetings Rotating and diffusing team leadership Linking rewards to team performance Building social capital . iv. iii. ii.Managing Team Process (Cont.

Through all this. Global Business Team can succeed! .