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Advice to Sales Manager to make eCommerce Plan Successful

Too much too soon Hardware Industry
Not too tech savvy Sales representatives need training

Make changes to the website to make it more customer-friendly/easily accessible Invest in training of sales representatives in getting acquainted with the website

Advice to Sales Manager to make eCommerce Plan Successful

Have well defined KRAs for calculation of individual commissions
Pushing new product lines Month on Month Profits Quarterly review of complete portfolio for bonuses increased portfolio

Encouraging clients to raise Repair requests online and then gradually prompt for other orders

Role of Ken to make his sales-people more accepting of the new initiative
Assure the sales people that their jobs are secure through a Structured Commission Expanding roles from just a sales representative to a Marketing Consultant Motivation to push new products through Extra Incentives Main benefit: Reduce sales reps efforts and Increase benefits in terms of marketing to new customers/new product lines Focus on customer engagement and CRM