June 26th, 2009

‫تعليم ڇا آهي؟‬
‫آنسٽائين چيو‬

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." " .‫" اسڪول ۾ پڙهيل سڀ ڪجھ وسارڻ کان پو ِ جيڪو بچي ٿو سا تعليم آهي‬ ‫ء‬

Higher Education Commission

‫اعلى تعليم جي ڪميشن‬

"... to facilitate the development of indigenous universities to be worldclass centers of education... building of a knowledge-based economy..." Undergraduate Scholarships of HEC:

HEC-USAID Need Based Scholarship

Public-Private Partnership, Shell Scholarship Program

Institutional Scholarships.



Alternative Career Options
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21st century challenges and opportunities. Globalization Every person = different profession, demand for specialists. Finding your own niche? Discovering the self.

Media Sciences
"deals with the content, history and effects of various media." It is a social sciences and humanities related degree. Career Options: TV, Newspapers, Film Industry Offered at: SZABIST Karachi Campus, Iqra University Karachi, Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education (02 Years MA) Personality Traits Recommended: Content Creativity, Interests in Media/Movies

Journalism/Mass Communication
"production of news reports and editorials through media” Career Options: newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet Offered by: Karachi University, Sindh University Personality Traits Recommended: writing/argument articulation skills. Coherent/Logical thinking

"Study and classification of human society." Career Options: NGOs, Government Sector. Institutes that offer programs in Sociology: Karachi University, Sindh University. Personality Traits Recommended: Interests in History and Reading, for social work specially leadership and empathy?

Computer Science
 

“… computer science is new mathematics…” Career Options: Software Engineering, Network/Database Administration, System Analyst/Consultant etc. Institutes that offer programs: FAST-NUCES, NUST, SZABIST, Karachi University, Sindh University, IBA Sukkur


.. A study of Accounting, Economics, Organization’s Behaviour, Corporate Laws and other necessary to run a business.. Career Options:
 National

Qualifications: MBA, CA, ACMA, CFA,

PIPFA  Foreign Qualifications offered in Pakistan: ACCA, ACA(ICAEW), CIMA, CISA, CIA


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Conclusion and Questions?

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