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To Analyze the sales and distribution system of CIS.

To Study how the CIS implement sales and distribution system. To understand evolution,nature and importance of sales management. To understand linkage between sales and distribution management. To learn objective,strategies and tactics of sales management.

Null hypothesis -Market share of CIS is more than 30% in Mumbai region. Alternate hypothesis Market share of CIS in Mumbai region less than 30%.


Sales Management means mgt. of all marketing activities ,including advertising, sales promotion, marketing research, physical distribution, pricing and product merchandising. Sales managers are responsible for generating sales, profits and customer satisfaction levels that meet corporate objectives.

The aspect of marketing function provides place, time, and possession utility to the consumer. If a consumer wants to buy the product the distribution management of the company ensure that the product is available to this consumer as a retail shop close to his residence .

Literature review
The manufacturing sector can not contribute to the growth without the support of the distribution system in operation to help the manufacturing sector to reach the goods and services to the end user.
( Krishna.k. Havaldar vasant m cavale

sales and distribution managment

chapter -8 page no.8.2 ).

Sales and distribution management one of the most important areas for customer satisfaction. Sales management has been defined as the management of firms personal selling function while distribution is an indirect function .Therefore ,integration is required between sales and distribution management. (sales and management strategy DR S L Gupta First edition ch.1 page no.15 )

Cosmos Innovative Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The basic idea behind selecting the topic Selling & Distribution is To study how selling &
distribution play a vital role in the organization. What is the process conducted by organizations in practical. Many Organizations are coming up with their own selling & distribution strategy. Many organizations functioned in a very traditional way and didnt take special assistance for selling & distribution. Many organizations lacked professional staff for selling & distributing the product Here there is need of professional companies who create market, sell and distribute the product. In todays competing market these companies plays a very important role to sell the product. The net result of companies who are not appointing any distribution company for distributing their product was lack of efficient supply channel, less demand for the product, inefficient

warehousing facility and also affects the production process.

Cosmos integrated system is in Mumbai it will take time to capture the market

There is huge compition in the market mostly in this field there has been no of brand available in the market.
Company need to invest on sales promotion,advertisement to attract more and more customer.