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Welcome to Kindergarten Orientation

Teachers LaTondra Evans Jennifer Hill Rachael Koontz Jennifer Reynolds Karen Stone Felicia Williams Assistants Petrina Johnson Sharon Lowery Tammy Walker

Christina Priddy Anice Curtis

Materials Needed for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Supply List Optional Supply List

Kindergarten Behavior Management Plan

Work Expectations
Classwork Homework

Scoring Guide for Student Work

O S NI U Outstanding Satisfactory Needs Improvement Unsatisfactory

Special Events

Chancey Challenge


Fundraising is essential for our school. Please help us by participating in our fundraisers, as well as by joining the PTA. Kindergarten fundraiser @ Cliftons Pizza


Please send in a healthy peanut free snack Snack for the entire class Utensils and Cups when necessary Individually wrapped when possible

Home Connections

We will contact you weekly through classroom newsletters. You may contact us through e-mail, letters, and phone calls. Transportation changes MUST be in writing.

Field Trips

8 events and trips scheduled Approx. cost $45 or less Trip may be paid for in advance to help with budgeting Team T-Shirt is not mandatory however suggested $10

To address the academic needs of your student, he/she will be assessed in literacy and math. Your child will be placed in a classroom that will best meet his/her academic needs for these areas.